Monday, October 09, 2006

Oops! Another concessionist admits to being wrong feels so good to be back to my blogging passion of exposing the stupidity of appeasing the vermin and thinking it will somehow lead to peace. Here's yet another idiot concessionist who has suddenly realized that land for peace with the moslem scum is shockingly a tragic mistake after all.

Well, unless you mean throwing them out of OUR Land in exchange for peace, that is.

( Kadima Knesset Member Amira Dotan Sunday evening joined a growing group of leaders who have admitted that last year's demolitions of Jewish communities and expulsion of the residents were a mistake. "I am embarrassed at what we did," MK Dotan said during a tour organized by former Gush Katif communities.

Last week, Kadima MK Tzachi HaNegbi said the expulsions and demolitions, which the government termed "disengagement," were a mistake because "they were interpreted as weakness, which brought about attacks" from the south and north.

Recently, the retiring Chief Rabbi of the IDF Yisrael Weiss publicly questioned whether the expulsion plan was in vain, and Major-General Yiftach Ron Tal attacked both the military and political establishment for establishing and carrying out the program.

Funny, but I don't think the 9,000 Jews you voted to expel from their homes in Gaza feel any happier standing in line at the soup kitchen because you say "ooops!" I'd also wager that the Jews in Sderot, who duck kassam rockets every day from what had been Jewish Gaza, are none to relieved to see you suddenly wake up after the fact, either.

Still, I suppose it's better to admit to having been a total dumbass traitor back then, and move forward to correct your mistakes, than remain a dhimmi loser forever.



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