Sunday, October 22, 2006

Verdict: modern Israel is not a colossal mistake

It is a colossal dissappointment, but not a mistake.

Only in Israel are Jews beaten and expelled from their homes by the government just because they are Jewish.

Only in Israel are non-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox Jews given cradle-to-grave handouts without ever being asked to get a job.

Only in Israel do terrorists who attack and kill Jews get released from prison as a "good will gesture".

Only in Israel are the Jewish nationalist parties banned while moslem parties that call for the genocide of the Jews permitted.

Only in Israel does international opinion count more than Jewish lives.

Only in Israel are moslem sites protected by the Jewish military while Jewish ones are under moslem control and often off limits to Jews.

Yet, despite all these abominations, I conclude that having this Israel is still better than having none at all.

Dissappointment: yes!

Mistake: NO!

This Hellenized land of liberalism and appeasement can't last, but what rises up to replace it will be stronger, better, and likely to last for a very long time. The population growth is moving in the right direction and time is on our side.



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