Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Behead anyone who doesn't pray 5 times a day"

The Religion of Peace followers are showing us just how tolerant and merciful islam really can be when those evil Zionists aren't somehow inflaming the moslem street.

Fox News: MOGADISHU, Somalia — Residents of a southern Somalia town who do not pray five times a day will be beheaded, an official said Wednesday, adding the edict will be implemented in three days.

Shops, tea houses and other public places in Bulo Burto, about 124 miles northeast of the capital, Mogadishu, should be closed during prayer time and no one should be on the streets, said Sheik Hussein Barre Rage, the chairman of the town's Islamic court. His court is part of a network backed by armed militiamen that has taken control of much of southern Somalia in recent months, bringing a strict interpretation of Islam that is alien to many Somalis.

Those who do not follow the prayer edict after three days have elapsed, "will definitely be beheaded according to Islamic law," Rage told The Associated Press by phone. "As Muslims we should practice Islam fully, not in part, and that is what our religion enjoins us to do."

Sounds like everyday life in Jerusalem once Olmert has given it all away to the vermin. Sadly, I'm really not being very sarcastic when I say that, either.

Incidentally, how can anybody still say with a straight face that islam is NOT a terrorist organization?



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