Friday, December 15, 2006

Chanukah Dreams

Well, Chanukah is upon us beginning tonight at sundown, and with all my heart and soul I am praying for a Mattathius to rise up and lead a righteous war against the Hellenized government of Israel. Israel is in such a state of horrific decay, cowering like dhimmis before the moslem vermin, embracing sexual deviance, and declaring war on Judaism, that it is now approaching the point of no return.

As Shabbat Chanukah begins tonight for Jews all over the world, I can't help but wonder if there will be any modern Israel next year at this time to light the Chunkiah. As we see the tragic land concessions, the pathetic prisoner releases, tacit approval of "Palestinian" right of return, the timid and cowardly war defeat to the north, and the criminal public policies that are fostering hatred towards religious Zionists, I am forced to believe that Israel's destruction is really a question of when not if.

There is still hope, of course. The deal isn't completely done, and just as God said to Cain when he had the evil inclination to murder Abel that he still had a choice to refrain from acting on it, so, too, does Israel still have time to change its corrupt, suicidal liberalism and embrace the good and righteous path.

May this Chanukah bring about the rekindling of the mission of the Maccabees - and their heroic struggle to defeat the putrid Hellenizers who hated Jews and Judaism all those years ago - and return the nation of Israel to a status that God will be proud of.




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