Sunday, December 24, 2006

Olmert's latest acts of treason

Too much dismal news to report today to focus on any one story, so lets just do a quick analysis of a few of the bigger reports from Eretz Israel.

#1. Olmert gives Fatah terrorist organization $100 million

No, I'm not kidding. Despite still holding Israel's kidnapped soldiers, still launching Qassam missiles into Israel several times a day, and still actively smuggling in illegal weapons and building tunnels into Israel, Olmert has today personally handed $100 million dollars as a "good will gesture" to PLO leader and Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas!

Olmert was publicly hugging and kissing Abbas after meeting with him in Jerusalem where he gave him the incredibly generous gift without receiving anything whatsoever in return.

But the worst part of all in this wasn't even the money, or the kissing and hugging of the leader of a terrorist organization. No, the worst part of it all was that after the meeting Olmert had BOTH the PLO and the Israeli flag flying together over the PM's residence in Jerusalem.

Can anyone say, bi-national state? Better get used to hearing it, people, because it may be coming faster than you think.

#2. Religious Zionist Schools strike after Olmert cuts off funding

Funny, isn't it, how Olmert has all the money in the world to give to Fatah and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade to kill religious Zionists, but somehow is at a loss for providing funds for religious Zionist kids to go to school?

Actually, no, it isn't funny. The kids and their parents aren't amused either, so they are going on strike to protest the fact that Olmert is cutting their money by over 60%, or 130 million sheckles, giving them not even enough to keep the schools open.

#3, Olmert agrees to build a mosque in Ben Gurian Airport

Dhimmitude extrordinaire. Amazing that a Jew who opposes "land for peace" is a rightwing extremist, yet a friggin moslem prayer room is being built at the airport for the same vermin who want the Jews killed or enslaved! We have a big problem. You see, whether the Olmert's and Peace Now's of the world want to admit it or not, when a mosque is built it is considered an eternal possession that can never be taken away.

This means that according to Sharia Law the Israeli Airport belongs to THEM.

Nice move, Ehud.

#4. Moslems Rocket Sderot Nursery School

Olmert seems to be happy as hell to give Fatah and company 100 million bucks, plus adorn him with kisses and hugs, while Jews are still under daily intense rocket fire in Israel from the Palestinian vermin.

This says it all:

Arab terrorists attacked Sderot Sunday night with a Kassam rocket that slammed into a house next to a day-care nursery and sent several people into shock. The house sustained heavy damage.

The rocket hit a high tension wire, partially knocking out power in the neighborhood. One mother reported her children were shaking with fear following the blast.

The retaining wall between the house and the nursery saved the children who were in the residence, said Adi Rafael, owner of the building. Arnold Amrionov, who lives in the house, said he is from Russia and "if anything like this happened there, the government would wipe them out."

I know it is wrong to wish death or terrible pain to another Jew, but regarding Olmert, well, uh, well, happy new year everybody!



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