Sunday, December 10, 2006

Peretz approves Saudi plan for self-loathing Israel to commit suicide

Ehud Olmert's Communist Defense Minister, Amir Peretz, took Medinat Israel still deeper down the capitulation abyss today when he announced his strong support for the Saudi Arabian Peace Initiative, that effectively grants Right of Return to the Palivermin and returns Israel's borders back to the untenable 1949 armistice line.

Soon enough, we can expect the Iran Peace Initiative - to wipe Israel off the map and have all the Jews killed and thrown into the sea - to be adopted by the Hellenized, Leftist, self-loathing government of Israel, too.

Jerusalem Post:"The stability of [the current government] is in the national interest of Israel," Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Sunday evening.

Speaking at the Globes Israel Conference for Business, Peretz also expressed support for the Saudi Initiative.

"[The] Saudi peace initiative should be considered a possible base for a diplomatic process," the defense minister said.

In defending his own position, Peretz expressed hope that Israelis would recognize how much of an asset he and the government were to the country.

"[The government] is a strategic asset. It is wonderful," Peretz said. "I [also] hope that soon is the day that people will realize what an asset it is to have a socially-aware defense minister."

The Saudi plan, adopted at the Arab Summit in Beirut in March 2002, called on Arab states to 'normalize relations' with Israel in return for the establishment of a Palestinian state following an Israeli withdrawal to the Green Line and a just solution to the issue of Palestinian refugees in accordance with UN Resolution 194.

This resolution called on Israel to allow the return of Palestinian refugees and compensate those who don't want to do so.

The clock is ticking on the corrupt state of Marxists, atheists, homosexual activists and self-loathing anti-Semites, who fraudulently masquerade this heresy of a government about as a "Jewish State" while simultaneously crushing every last vestige of Judaism in their path.



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