Monday, January 08, 2007

Bush seeks $10 million grant for PLO

WTF? How is it possible that people still are trying to tell us that George Bush is good for Israel? The PLO, led by Yassir Arafat's hand-picked terror successor, famed Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, have repeatedly said they will use all US and Israeli aid to kill Jews, and, yet, pathetic fools like Olmert and Bush keep right on pumping up Abbas and his terrorist organization under the canard that it will miraculously lead to peace and security for the Jewish State.

Like hell it will.

The fact is, we all know that the moslems want to kill the Jews and take the Land of Israel for themselves. It's no secret; they say so loudly themselves every single day in mosques, classrooms, rallies and on PA television. The fact that Israel is beholden to the US and Europe because liberals are willing to sell their souls, and the lives of Jewish people, for money and popularity is truly the crux of why the Jewish State is still under moslem siege from within.

Washington -- President Bush is seeking to provide Palestinian security forces under the control of President Mahmoud Abbas with "non-lethal material assistance" designed to help them provide security and regulate checkpoints.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said January 5 the Bush administration is considering funding "on the order of tens of millions of dollars."

The funds would be used to provide assistance such as vehicles, communication, uniforms and training, with the idea of building up "responsible security forces" to help prevent terror attacks and provide security in Gaza and the West Bank.

Kahane was right.



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