Thursday, January 11, 2007

Moslem appointed Israeli Minister

The great Rabbi Meir Kahane warned over 20 years ago that one day the vermin enemy within would be able to quietly and peaceably take over, and destroy, the Jewish State by using their massive population increases to gain greater political representation and then form alliances with the quisling leftist political parties who play the role of useful idiots. Turns out that his prophecy is now coming true.

Arutz Sheva News - Israeli-Arab Raleb Majadele will take the place of Ophir Pines - who resigned two months ago because he didn't want to sit in the same government as Avigdor Lieberman, who he felt was too anti-Arab.

The appointment of Labor MK Majadele as Minister of Science was decided upon Wednesday evening by Defense Minister Amir Peretz (pictured). As head of the Labor Party, Peretz has the right to choose his party's ministers - though of course Prime Minister Ehud Olmert makes the official appointment. This will probably happen on Sunday.

I sit back and watch with revulsion, but not surprise, as the Corrupt State of Hellenized Marxists proceeds to dissolve the Jewish State before our very eyes. God forbid, I fear I will live to see the day when "Palestine" is born on the ashes of the failed liberal experiment known as modern Israel. I just pray for the righteous Jews in the Land who have been fighting the good fight and deserve better.



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