Friday, February 09, 2007

Breaking News: Islamic vermin rioting on Temple Mount

Notice how the moslems waited intil the Jews came to the Kotel to begin Shabbos prayers before stoning them and launching their riot? Well, after this display just think about how much more Jewish land Ehud Olmert will be handing over to the inflamed vermin, or how many Jews he'll be prepared to expel as a "good will sacrifice" to Mohammed.

Arutz Sheva - Arabs rioted Friday on and around the Temple Mount, wounding police officers and causing the evacuation of the Western Wall prayer plaza.

Stones were thrown at worshipers and police Friday, despite the decision to limit entry to the Temple Mount to Muslims over the age of 45. Three police officers were wounded by rioters.

Young rioters pelted police with stones and then took cover inside the Al-Aksa Mosque. Security sources said the youths had probably holed up inside the mosque earlier this week, and waited for Friday to begin rioting. Police refrained from entering the mosque due to concerns that it would serve Muslim propoganda efforts and claims that Israel is seeking to destroy it.

3,000 members of the security forces were standing by in expectation of Arab violence as a result of calls for an Israeli-Arab Intifada by Muslim leaders. The calls come in response to the repair and replacement of the Rambam (Mughrabi) Gate walkway, which was in danger of collapse.

I know this is crazy talk, but has anyone ever suggested that maybe, just maybe, the moslems should be deported?





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