Monday, February 12, 2007

Breaking News: Israel haults bridge repairs on Temple Mount to "ease moslem anger"

Dhimmis will be dhimmis. Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski has officially suspended work on the Temple Mount following Friday's riots by the islamic vermin. During those riots, if you recall, packs of wild moslems stoned innocent Jews who were saying prayers before Shabbos at the Western Wall below.

Ynet News: Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski suspended late Sunday night construction of a pavement at the Mugrabi Gate in a bid to douse Muslim anger at renovation work near the Temple Mount.

Muslim leaders fear the deployment of heavy machinery near the Mount could damage the foundations of the al-Aqsa Mosque, with some saying the renovation work is an act of provocation by Israel . Israel has rejected these claims.

Lupoliansky said he hoped for an "ease in tensions in Jerusalem. I believe that cooperation in Jerusalem can bring about coexistence, without mutual disregard."

Why do I suspect that this "good will gesture" to the moslem filth will go unappreciated? Is it a 6th sense? Am I some kind of prophet? Time will tell, but my powers of seeing the future reveal that the vermin will simply continue trying to kill the Jews and wipe Israel off the map just as before.



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