Thursday, February 15, 2007

Islam: misunderstood or a terrorist organization?

Everyday in the news we see fresh reports of moslem terror somewhere in the world as consistently as we see the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. We have come to accept the fact that each and every day we can't get 3 pages into the newspaper without reports of islamic suicide bombers, car bombers, roadside bombers, infidel beheadings, honor killings, acts of genocide, stabbings, kidnappings, etc, etc.

Look at all the major international conflicts in the world today. Look at the arab world. Look at host nations in the west getting torn up from within by insurgent jihadists. Look at the rogue nations that are creating tensions. Look at every country that is islamic and see whether they are terrorist or not. Look at every prominent imam, sheik, ayatollah and mullah and notice how the one factor that is consistent is that they are preaching jihad, Jew-hating, death to Israel, and death to America.

Of course, they are also more than willing to slaughter one another, too, the minute they run out of tasty infidels to murder.

With all of the evidence to show that islam is truly unique as a "religion" in their blood-lust and call to violent conquest, the question that begs for us to answer is whether islam is a peaceful religion being corrupted by a few bad apples (the MSM opinion), or if what we see is real and islam is, in fact, a terrorist organization (MZ's opinion).

This is the burning issue of our time, and it begs for real answers, so I will leave this question to you, the reader. Is islam peaceful but getting a bum rap by neocons and the religious right, or, is it the brutal, evil , sadistic, criminal ideology us keen observers clearly understand it to be?

I anxiously await your answers.



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