Monday, February 19, 2007

Moslems and leftists vandalize Jewish holy objects in Hevron

To expel the moslems is cruel, right? Leftwingers who aid the moslem mission to wipe Israel off the map are really just peace-loving humanitarians, right?

Yeah, right.

( For the third time this month alone, sacred Jewish objects were vandalized and desecrated by Arabs and left-wing activists in Hevron over the Sabbath.

Sunday morning, residents discovered dozens of pages of Psalm books that had been torn apart and scattered on the road near the Sephardic Jewish cemetery by Hevron’s Tel Rumeida neighborhood. Tel Rumeida has been targeted by left-wing groups for removal and is the site of frequent provocations.

Last week, the Tomb of Ruth and Jesse (King David’s father and grandmother) was vandalized. The eternal light there was destroyed and the holy ark damaged by vandals attempting to pry it open to reach the Torah scrolls contained therein. Charity boxes were stolen as well.

Earlier this month, graves in the same Jewish cemetery the torn Psalms were found near were desecrated, with gravestones strewn about and paint spilled on some of them.

“The police and army have yet to apprehend anyone for any of these crimes,” said a community statement. “This is another incident in a continuing pattern of desecrations of holy sites and articles in Hevron over the past few weeks. Hevron's Jewish community is gravely concerned at the police negligence in dealing with such criminal acts of violence and desecration of Jewish holy sites. Especially noticeable is the disparity between the police action against Jews and their lack of response at Arab crime.”

The subject of discrimination and law enforcement in Hevron - over-enforcement against the Jews and lack of enforcement against the Arabs - was discussed in the Knesset committee for law and legislation last week.

If Hevron is off limits to Jews than we really can't justify having this phony Israel exist at all. Hevron is the city of our patriarchs for crying out loud. The moslems and their useful idiot liberals are simply not compatible with a Jewish State, and it is imperative that they be removed with great prejudice.

Israel cannot be a Jewish State by punishing Jews for being Jewish while rewarding the lowly vermin for following the terrorist organization of islam. Anyone with the common sense of a meatloaf can figure out how absolutely essential it is to cleanse the Land of this filth.



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