Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Why the vermin must be expelled from Israel

The great Rav Kahane saw what was going to become of Israel if the arab scum were allowed to remain dwelling as a disease infecting the Holy Land. He said over and over again that the moslems would reproduce themselves into a near majority, that the vermin would become more bold and brazen in attacking Jewish civilians, and that eventually the Hellenized, secular humanist Jews would find themselves shaking like scared lemmings under fear of attack from the raging moslem enemy within.

So, in plain speak, unless the moslem crud gets removed from Eretz Israel there will never be any peace in the Land.

Boy, oh, boy, was Kahane ever right!

By 2035 equal number of Jews, Arabs in Jerusalem

Ynet News - If there is no change in the reproduction rate among Jerusalem residents, by 2035 there will be an equal number of Arabs and Jews residing in the capital, a study by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies has found.

The institute will present the data Thursday at the opening ceremony of a lecture series to mark 40 years to the reunification of Jerusalem.

The data attained by Ynet reveals that the reproductive rate of the capital’s Arab population is double that of the Jewish population.

According to the study, 720,000 people lived in Jerusalem, of which 66 percent were Jewish (475,000) and 34 percent (245,000) were Arab.

By the year 2020, the gap is expected to narrow, with Jerusalem population expected to be 60 percent Jewish and 40 percent Arab.

Since 1967, when Jerusalem numbered 266,000 residents, its population has grown rapidly, although over the past four decades the Arab population has increased at a higher rate than the Jewish population.

Since the Six Day War, when there were 197,000 Jews in the capital, the population increased at a rate of 140 percent per year to reach 495,000. In comparison, the Arab population grew at a rate of 257 percent per year, from 68,000 in 1967 to 244,000 in 2005.

“If these trends continue, we’ll reach a situation in which the Arab population outnumbers the Jewish population,” Dr. Maya Choshen, a researcher at the institute, told Ynet.

Want more?

Tel Aviv suicide bombing prevented

( Residents of Tel Aviv, Holon, Bat Yam and Rishon Lezion held their breath Tuesday night as police alerted the public to a suicide bombing plot that was already in motion in the region. After a dragnet that lasted approximately two hours, several Palestinian Authority terrorists were apprehended by police. They confessed to the planned attack and led officers to a dumpster in Rishon Lezion where they had stashed their explosives earlier in the day.

Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that the would-be bomber and his accomplices were tracked to an apartment in Bat Yam, south of Tel Aviv. The group had apparently planned to send a suicide bomber into the Tel Aviv central bus station later Tuesday night.


PA Terrorists Shoot Israeli Contractor, Attack IDF Patrol

( Earlier in the day on Tuesday, Palestinian Authority terrorists shot and lightly injured a contractor who was working on the security fence near northern Jerusalem, according to police. The man was treated by first response personnel at the scene of the shooting.

The PA-based attackers were not identified.

An IDF patrol unit also came under enemy attack on Tuesday afternoon. PA terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at the soldiers as they drove next to the southern section of the security fence that runs along the Gaza Strip. No one was hurt in the attack and no damage was reported.

Not done yet...

Jewish truck driver killed in Samaria

( The body of 50-year-old Oded Laniado, a Jewish truck driver, was found Monday between the villages of Shukba and Kibia, not far from Kiryat Sefer, in the Binyamin district of Samaria. Laniado, married and the father of four daughters, was found near his truck with the engine still running.

According to police reports, the Sha'arei Tikva resident was called by a scrap iron depot in the Palestinian Authority village of Shukba and was found by another truck driver who was heading the same way. The second driver, an Arab, alerted security forces.

When IDF and Binyamin police forces arrived on the scene, they found the victim lying unconscious and despite the efforts, medics were unable to resuscitate the man.

Well, I guess that's enough for one day in the Jewish State. Nice, isn't it, that Jews are the hunted victims IN ISRAEL.

What is the breaking point for Jewish self-loathing, already? Arabs should be getting rounded up for deportation as I type, but we all know nothing is really going to happen to any moslems for these crimes.

After all, religious Zionist Jews are the only class of people who ever get punished in Israel, remember.



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