Friday, March 16, 2007

Gaza vermin rocket Israeli towns AGAIN

As Olmert and Israel continue to cower at the feet of moslems who seek the annihilation of the Jewish State, here is what the moslems are doing in return.

( The same day that Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah group signed onto a joint platform with Hamas, Fatah’s Al Aksa Brigades group fired five Kassam rockets toward Israeli towns in the western Negev.

The Al Aksa Brigades Fatah terror group said the five rockets it launched Thursday were aimed at Ashkelon, Sderot and the resettled community of Elei Sinai, whose residents were expelled by the government from northern Gaza almost two years ago.

The IDF said it had no knowledge of the attacks.

The move does not violate the policy statement, which seems to commit Fatah to respecting the right to use terrorism against Israel rather than the commitment by Hamas to eschew terror hoped for by the so-called Quartet of nations. "Our people have the right to defend themselves before any Israeli aggression," the platform reads.

The platform also says that such attacks will be launched until the conditions of surrender outlined here are met:

* “The right of return of Palestinian refugees"
* “Ending all forms of occupation in the Palestinian territories, including removing the racist wall, settlements and stopping the Judaization of Jerusalem."
* Concerning the Gaza ceasefire - broken more than 150 times by Arab terrorists since it was announced in late November - It will be maintained "in return for Israel's cessation of its occupation measures...such as assassinations, arrests, incursions, house demolition, clearing of lands, excavation in Jerusalem [and] lifting of checkpoints and reopening of crossing points, the ending of travel restrictions and the release of prisoners".

Some people would probably say that capitulating to these vermin is a bad idea. Any ideas on how I stand on this matter?



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