Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MZ nominated for JIB Awards - SO VOTE!!

Big News! MZ has been nominated for the prestigious Jewish & Israeli Blogger Awards. I have been nominated in two categories:
  1. Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog
  2. Best Right-Wing Political Blog
Please go to the official JIB Awards Website and vote for me, as winning would send a message to all the moslem scum that we are determined in the blogosphere to throw their arab asses right the hell out of Israel. You have the power, so make it happen before Sanjaya somehow is nominated and Howard Stern attempts to hijack the competition's integrity!

Go ahead and vote. I am in "Group C" in the "Pro-Israel Advocacy" category, and "Group B" in the "Best Right Wing" category.

Update: Voting is close, so if you haven't voted please be sure to go and do so!

UPDATE 2, 4/26/07, 12:16am: We have now rallied into third place on the Right Wing Blog category by one vote. Please vote for me if you haven't already so I can stay at third or better and make the finals. Our uncompromising message to the filthy vermin must be heard, and your support in this vote is critical for that to happen! Get out the vote!! I am also closing in at the Pro-Israel category so be sure to vote there as well.

(Note: This post will remain at the top until the JIB voting period ends April 29th)



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