Friday, July 27, 2007

Filthy Gaza vermin rocket Sderot again

The missiles just keep raining down on Sderot from Judenrein Gaza and nobody bothers to say or do a damn thing about it. The city is nearly abandoned now because of these constant attacks that Olmert, Peres and company poo-poo away over champagne cocktails and caviar.

Ynet News: Two Qassam rockets fired by Palestinians in Gaza slammed into a home and a warehouse in Sderot Thursday evening. A woman sustained light shrapnel injuries, while a number of other residents suffered from shock.

The home, which was deserted, was severely damaged.

A total of six rockets landed in Israeli territory throughout the day, as did a few mortar shells, which landed near the border fence with Gaza and near the community of Native Ha’asara, located just north of the Strip.

Also on Wednesday, the parents’ associations of Sderot told Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that they had decided not to open the upcoming school year. The parents are demanding that the authorities respect the High Court’s ruling regarding the city’s fortification and present plans and a timetable for its implementation.

Note that the schools are closed and the homes abandoned in the GREEN LINE, PRE '67 city of Sderot because their country flat refuses to defend them. What an abomination this state is turning into.



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