Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bibi wins, but Feiglin steals the thunder

Guess what? MZ actually is happy about something that happened in Israeli politics!

Against all odds, hardcore Zionist candidate Moshe Feiglin earned a whopping 23% of the Likud primary vote, nearly doubling the 13% he won in the last Likud primary, and terrifying Bibi so thoroughly that his entourage banned Feiglin from entering the building for the customary joining on stage of the top two candidates as a demonstration of party unity.

Regarding the unprecedented banning of the runner-up and his supporters from entering the building, Bibi blurted out in a panic that he "had no intention of embracing Feiglin or his ilk."

This is not the sign of a man who is confident. Bibi knows the nationalist "ilk" is growing in number exponentially, and he has been left in the unenviable, lame duck position of desperately clinging to the present while his party slowly but undeniably shifts from the timid center towards the more observant, traditional, nationalist right. Likud will inevitably push away from corrupt posers like Bibi and into the arms of authentic, honorable Jews like Feiglin and Bibi knows it. His days in politics are numbered.

Yes, many may still claim that because Bibi won roughly 70% of the vote he is safe, but the cracks in the foundation are growing deeper and wider as the fall of the unscrupulous establishment becomes evident to even the most casual and disinterested of political observers.

What is Feiglin? Who is Feiglin? Feiglin is the closest thing Israel has to Kahane and Kach today, and that scares the hell out of those in the establishment because their perks and prestige mean nothing to a God fearing, Torah observant man like Feiglin. As Kahane before him, Feiglin is a force of populism that creates near hysteria amongst the anti-Zionist, amoral incumbents who just want to keep living in luxury at all costs. He can't be bought and that the corrupt elitists fear more than anything else.

Perhaps not today, but in the next 5 years Moshe Feiglin will become a real life nightmare to lowlifes like Bibi Netanyahu who are helplessly watching their dynasty crumble beneath their feat.



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