Friday, August 10, 2007

Civil War escalates: More Jews to be expelled from Hebron

Just hours after Jewish families were violently expelled from Hebron, the war between Hellenized Israel and the Jews continued to escalate as the State of Self-Loathing Anti-Semites announced plans to forcibly rip more Jewish families from their homes in Hebron because they refuse to renounce Torah.

Arutz Sheva - On the heels of the forced eviction of two Jewish families from Hevron’s Shalhevet neighborhood – four more Hevron families living in the area have received eviction notices.

In response to a petition by Peace Now, Israel’s Civil Administration has issued expulsion orders against four Jewish-held storefronts in the “triangle” marketplace area of the city, located in close proximity to the area where two Jewish families were expelled by the IDF on Tuesday.

Like the wholesale market, the triangle marketplace was built by Hevron’s Arabs on top of the ruins of the city’s Jewish Quarter after the city's Arabs murdered nearly all Jewish residents during the 1929 pogroms.

While the self-loathers may have the upper hand right now in the civil war, they are still just paper tigers who will flee in the face of real military response from the Judeans when the time comes. Enjoy your victories now wretched leftists, because the time will come when the Religious Zionists gain the upper hand and you self-loathers will be projectile vomited out of the Promised Land.



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