Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sderot school shelled, Olmert scolds parents for "sanctimonious ranting"

Ehud Olmert is fed up with the whiny Jews of Sderot complaining about their schools being shelled by moslem rockets from Judenrein Gaza. While sipping a delightful flute of limited edition rose champagne, eating a spoon of rare Beluga caviar, and enjoying his daily French pedicure, a simple common Jew had the temerity to have an MK express displeasure with Ehud's refusal to fortify the schools or use the IDF to keep them protected.

Such dregs. Why, it's enough to make a dandy need a second snort from his spice box.

Ynet News - With the new school year approaching, Sunday's cabinet meeting revolved mainly around the fortification efforts made in Sderot and the Gaza vicinity communities' schools.

Education Minister Yuli Tamir told ministers about the troubled area's preparations for the school year, and asked the defense forces "to vouch for the safety of Sderot's school children."

Deputy Defense Minister MK Matan Vilna'i (Labor-Meimad), filling in for Defense Minister Ehud Barak, responded by saying "I'll vouch for that if the education minister vouches for no violence in schools and if the transportation minister guarantees no more car accidents."

Sources close to Yuli Tamir said her request was made on behalf of Sderot's parents, who asked the Home Front Command to certify the city's classrooms. Sources in Vilnai's office, meanwhile, said he had made it clear that the IDF is doing everything possible to keep the children safe.

The fortification of Sderot and the Gaza vicinity schools had been the focus of a well-publicized disagreement between the High Court and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert –the former criticizing the prime minister for not doing enough and the latter insisting he has the final say.

"We are building 16 new schools in the (Gaza vicinity) area. They will be completely fortified and up to the highest code… it's time stop the sanctimonious ranting about nothing being done. What we're planning there is revolutionary," he added.

Perhaps it would be best if the Prime Minister just told the Sderot peasantry to simply "eat cake" instead of pestering him about their rocket problems. After all, a man of such fine breeding and grace shouldn't be burdened with the vulgar annoyances of the Jewish unwashed masses.



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