Tuesday, August 21, 2007

President Hillary means nothing to Israel

What do I think about a President Hillary Rodham? Nothing good, but until the State of Self-Loathing Anti-Semites decides it really is a Jewish State - and not France - the question of who heads America will remain moot as far as Israel's concerned.

I know this will come as quite a surprise to everyone, but Bush was such a sellout, such a Saudi kiss ass, such a phony conservative, such a Jim Baker lover, and such a total moron, that it won't mean a damn thing to me if Hillary Rodham wins. Same sh-t, different day.

Feh, I'm jaded. I guess Rudy is the best of the lot because he just can't stand the terrorist moslem scum. That said, nothing matters as long as Israel remains a dhimmi state.



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