Monday, September 17, 2007

Olmert declares unconditional capitulation to Syria

Olmert is ready for unconditional peace with Syria. Yes, the same Syria that supported and supplied Hezballah in the Lebanon war. Yes, the same Syria that is in an official state of war with Israel. Yes, the same Syria that is demanding Israel hand them the Golan and the Keneret. The same Syria that is developing nuclear capability.

Ynet news: "We want to make peace… we are willing to make peace with Syria unconditionally and without demands. I have a lot of respect for the Syrian leader and the Syrian policy," Olmert said in a meeting with Russian reporters at his Jerusalem residence.

MK Arieh Eldad (National Union-National Religious Party) said Olmert was behaving as if he were "bankrupt" following his announcement Monday that he would be willing to hold peace talks with Syria without any preconditions.

"It is very strange that Israel's prime minister holds respect for Syria's leader, who is called the 'fool' behind his back by most Arab leaders. Olmert is behaving as if he has gone bankrupt and for the sake of his political survival is willing to sell assets that don't even belong to him. After his talks with Abu Mazen (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas) hit the rocks, he is trying to sell the Golan Heights again," Eldad said.

And the beat goes on...



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