Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vermin bomb babies in Sderot


This story is so disgusting I can't stand it anymore. Really, I am at the breaking point. Olmert should be executed, YES EXECUTED, for perpetuating crimes against the Jewish people by emboldening the islamic enemy with gifts, guns and money. What the f-ck is wrong with the Jewish people? Why are we allowing this to happen as if the babies and children being attacked are somehow expendable because they are Jewish?
(IsraelNN.com) Twelve Sderot children were hospitalized at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon Monday morning in the wake of a barrage of seven Kassam rockets fired by Islamic Jihad terrorists in northern Gaza.

The missiles had slammed into various parts of the city, including one that scored a direct hit on a house next to a day care center. A staff member at the day care center told Army Radio that the director ran into the room to give warning that an attack was underway. None of the staff heard the Color Red alert system that provides a 20-second window in which to seek shelter from attacks.

IDF soldiers raced into the building and carried 15 babies out to safe shelter, despite confident declarations by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert a day earlier that all the schools in Sderot were adequately protected against Kassam rockets.

The home next to the daycare center was damaged, but no one was physically wounded. Many people were treated for shock, while others worked to assess the damage wrought by the rockets.

Some parents rushed to pull their children out of school, but in general, classed continued as usual, with teachers attempting to comfort themselves and their pupils. Tomorrow, however, school may not be held at all, as the Sderot Parents Association says parents will not send their children.

"No one in power seems to care less about us," said the secretary of one school. "The politicians build themselves shelters, while our children are like sitting ducks. My 13-year-old son refuses to go to school, and he has to have psychological treatment twice a week - but no one cares. We practically live inside the shelter, on the ground floor, and my kids can't even take a shower - does anyone care?"
Seriously, the time has come for revolution...VIOLENT revolution. War is the answer. Guerrilla civil war against the self-loathers!

As for the vermin, they must be eradicated from Israel. The filth must not be distinguished from rats that spread death and disease. Seriously, the time for being kindly, passive resistors praying for divine intervention or mercy from the vile arab must end! We must transform ourselves into Zionist Maccabee warriors who fight for what is right with uncompromising ferocity.

The islamoscum are pure Amalek, feeding off the weakest and most helpless of the Jewish nation in an effort to advance their blood lust to conquer every last corner of the globe. They must be expelled by brute force, and their memory be wiped clean from our Holy Land.




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