Sunday, January 13, 2008

Olmert grants arabs "right of return"

It is stunning to watch from the outside looking in how the State of Israel steadily slides down the path of self-destruction. Olmert granting 50,000 arabs the "right to return" to Israel is akin to a suicide mission, though it's probably more like the final slash of the wrist that has been cut repeatedly since 1967. My hope now turns to what will arise in Eretz Yisroel AFTER Medinot Yisroel inevitably implodes to the arabs. The modern state of Israel is surely in its final throws...may what arises from its ashes be an improvement.

( The issue of "Arab refugees" has long been a matter of widespread consensus in Israel, with even left-wing parties declaring that allowing them into Israel would endanger its very existence as a Jewish state. Nevertheless, the subject does not appear to be going away. Reports are that Prime Minister Olmert has now agreed to allow 50,000 Arabs who left Israel in 1948 - or are descendants of those who did - to enter and live in Israel.

Channel Ten reported Thursday night that in a private meeting between Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen, the two agreed that in the final-status agreement, Israel would withdraw from 92% of Judea and Samaria, including all the non-Jewish neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem. It was also agreed that 50,000 "refugees from 1948" would enter and live in the State of Israel.

Staffers in Olmert's office did not deny the report, and even hinted that it was at least partially accurate.

Yisgadal vyisgadash sh'may rabah...



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