Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Purim

The most festive, joyous, day of the Jewish year is Purim. We are celebrating beginning tonight with the reading of Megillah Esther, which can be read either in a very serious way or in a very raucous way with lots of audience participation. Many will dress in costume as a way to add more celebration and pomp for the holiday, and as a way of recognizing the hidden nature of God in the story of Purim. God is never actually mentioned in the text of the Megillah, though HIS presence is unmistakable throughout the story.

Tomorrow will be the big feast, or seudah, in which we revel, drink to excess, and have nothing but joy in our hearts as we sing and celebrate. Some will option to dress in costume again, while others don't observe that custom and will dress in normal attire.

I hope you all have a wonderful Purim, and please make sure to drink and eat too much!

Chag Semayach Purim!



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