Monday, August 18, 2008

Olmert releasing 200 terrorists

With blood still dripping from their hands, another 200 unrepentent terrorist arabs are about to be released from prison by Ehud Olmert as a "good will gesture" to the Fatah terrorist organization. The idea that a government would open up the jails and release its worst murderers just to appease criminal organizations is unfathomable to those of us of sound mind, yet it is exactly how the Olmert government conducts itself.

J-Post: The cabinet decision to approve the release of some 200 security prisoners faced wide-spread criticism on Sunday.

"Instead of adopting a resolute stance against terrorism, the Kadima-Labor government continues to release hundreds of prisoners in return for nothing," said opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu. The Likud would "replace weakness with an uncompromising aggressive policy toward terrorism," he said.

Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai warned that the cabinet's decision jeopardized the chances of freeing captures IDF soldier Gilad Schalit.

Israel Beiteinu MK Yisrael Hasson said "the government insists on 'fixing' the damage it causes by inflicting significantly more damage," and that "a government that had not given in to Hizbullah and Hamas demands in the past would not have to give in to Fatah today by releasing prisoners in return for nothing."

Other right-wing MKs also blasted the cabinet decision, tying it into their recurring theme of a "government at the end of its road." MK Eli Gabai (National Union-National Religious Party) expressed outrage at the decision, saying the government was "defying common sense and the trust of Israeli citizens."

"This government, which has reached the end of the road both physically and morally, is releasing the prisoners in exchange for nothing, continuing to jeopardize Israeli citizens' security time and again," Gabai said.

"The government should be reminded that the homes of the terrorists who carried out the tractor attacks in Jerusalem have yet to be destroyed, and they are already hurrying to release the next tractor drivers," he said.

Likud faction chairman MK Gideon Sa'ar said the decision "crushes the public's faith that murderers and terrorists will receive their due punishment, and will harm Israeli citizens' security and the efforts to release Gilad Schalit. One can only imagine how the 'free' release of more than 200 terrorists will impact the level of demands that Hamas will put forward." Meir Indor and Dr. Aryeh Bachrach of the Almagor Terrorist Victims Association oppose the release and said Sunday that they would embark on a street campaign.

Indor took the Shas ministers to task for not taking a firm enough stance against the release and threatened to make it a campaign issue.

PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad welcomed the gesture, but said Israel should release even more prisoners.

"This is a positive step," said a senior PA official in Ramallah. "But we are continuing to insist that Israel must release all the Palestinian prisoners from its jails. This is the only way to move forward with the peace process."

This is the last straw. The streets of Israel must assemble with a vigilante mindset. The government refuses to perform the primary responsibility they exist for at all: Protecting its citizens from the enemy. When this happens, the pact between the government and its people is effectively severed, and the rule of law belongs in the hands of the people to do what they must to survive.

Gangs need to be mobilized from community to community, village to village, to rise up and act. Agitation on the streets and mass civil disobedience should be organized. Soldiers and police need to be recruited to act on behalf of the people, against the will of the fraudulent government, to create order and mete out justice. The government must be rejected, the people must take charge, and the government must be toppled from the bottom up.

Arise Zion! Wake up! The time is now, and what must be done cannot be done by the government. The government is complicit with the enemy! Guilty of terrible crimes against you! Everything can be won or lost based on the will of the people. Take charge for yourselves, take law and order out of the hands of the enemy government, and lead the Zionist revolution out from within to bring peace, stability, and righteousness to the State of Israel!

If you are not for yourselves than who will be? And if not now, when? Rebellion Now!!



  1. I hope one of those "good will" terrorists takes care of olmert.

    You know, I wouldn't be surprised if part of Hezbollah's budget goes into a numbered bank account for olmert.

  2. Hammer: I agree...How about Olmert for Shalit?

  3. if not now, when? a question with no solid answer. The govt is flawed beyond repair, our only hope is a new govt. Anyways the redemption is here on our doorstep, if only we can figure out the locks and bolts we locked ourselves in with.

  4. Sabra, let me give you a solid answer: NOW!

    Welcome back to the board, my friend. It's been too long!

  5. Odd that Israel doesn't deal more with Hamas. It is more popular amongst Palestinians.

    Fatah can't even control their own cadre.

  6. thanks MZ it has been too long...

  7. madze - i'd say trading olmert for shalit would be a few steps down for shalit, but israel should take him back anyway they can get him.

    i'm thinking olmert doesn't sleep well at night.

  8. Nanc, sadly enough, I am sure Olmert sleeps very well at night. He is an effete aristocrat who cares more about what tie to wear than the lives of Jews.

  9. so he has no conscience? he's a sociopath? think of what his parents must have been like.

  10. Nanc, how much more proof before the Tel Avivniks believe?


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