Sunday, October 19, 2008

An analysis of the McCain campaign

We all know John McCain is behind in the polls and barely hanging onto relevance as a candidate. With that in mind, here is MZ's list of reasons why McCain's campaign has sputtered and failed to generate excitement and enthusiasm.

1. He is deeply mistrusted by the conservatives in the GOP because of his RINO history. McCain might want to brag in speeches and debates about how often he goes against conservatives to advance liberal legislation, but that only hurts him further with his base who feels that open, festering wound open up after he reminds them of his "bi-partisanship" and "reaching across the aisle".

Sarah Palin helped excite many on the right, but McCain's reluctance in letting her speak out without his approved script soured some of that enthusiasm and brought back doubts about McCain's credentials as a true conservative. Many would rather have her at the top of the ticket and see McCain just go away.

2. Moderates, who tend to vote Republican but have liberal views on abortion, were outraged by his choice of Sarah Palin as VP. She divided the pro-choice fiscal conservatives who were enthusiastic about McCain's willingness to reach across the aisle, but now believe he compromised his position as a trusted moderate who wouldn't pander to the right.

3. McCain outraged fiscal conservatives who strongly disagreed with the bloated, socialist, $850 billion bailout plan, and counted on him to fight the excessive spending bill from being enacted. Instead, McCain rubber stamped the Pelosi/Reid/Frank bill and lost a golden opportunity to distance himself from both Bush and Obama in the process.

When McCain suspended his campaign to take on the bailout plan it was widely believed among conservatives that he would side with the rebel republicans and democrats who opposed giving almost a trillion dollars of tax payer money to the government which was so responsible for this mess to begin with. What they got instead was a silent follower of big government that sold out his GOP House members that were fighting against this massive spending plan.

4. McCain's refusal to attack Obama's long term religious connections to anti-Semitic/anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright, and his disturbing political ties to William Ayers confounded angry GOP supporters who wanted to see Obama ripped apart for these ties.

McCain finally has tacitly mentioned Ayers, but without any real aggression or enthusiasm. He still won't even mention Reverend Wright's name, and barely has brought up Obama's ties to Acorn or his shady dealings with Rezco. He also has rejected the opportunity to point out the affirmative action lending policies that led to this crisis were the fault of Democrats, who used a lethal combination of social engineering with political kickbacks to drive the sub-prime lending market into the ground.

5. McCain just doesn't seem to have any message beyond "Maverick", "Bi-partisanship", and "Taking on his own party". Look, no matter how you cut it, there is no chance that McCain can be more anti-republican than Obama.

Running a post-republican campaign might sound nice in a time when the Republican party is more unpopular than normal, but he needs to understand that all he will accomplish by doing this throwing the GOP, and himself, under the bus.


In spite of all this, McCain is statistically only about 5 points down in the national polling averages. Joe the Plumber is helping him reconnect with many of these angry voters who want representation, and if McCain can stop crapping on his own party between now and election day he still has a remote chance at stealing a long shot win.

I'm holding out for the next two weeks to see if he can still earn my vote.



  1. MZ, buddy-ol'-pal,

    This just in: Palin has a strong bond with Messianic "Jews." A couple of years ago, she attended a Jews-for-Yoshke press conference and even had some positive remarks of her own. Me thinks it's about time you jump off the Palin bandwagon. As far as I'm concerned I'm voting for McCain-certainly not Palin. BTW: this isn't the only discouraging bit of news I've heard from credible sources regarding the Palin-b#$#$.

    In fact, I don't even know whom to vote for now. McCain is probably going to end his tenure in office with a sudden stroke and the crazy lil' madwoman will be left President. That's if McCain is elected which in itself is highly unprobable. Might as well vote 'Bama!

  2. This just in: Palin has a strong bond with Messianic "Jews." A couple of years ago, she attended a Jews-for-Yoshke press conference and even had some positive remarks of her own.

    Where did you get this information from? Can you provide links?

  3. Eitan, I just googled everything I could find on Palin and Jews for Jesus and came up with nothing to back up your claims. Until I have proof of what you are alleging, I will assume you confused this with the old story about how a J for J preacher was a guest speaker at her church one time, and since she had nothing to say or do with it nobody in the Jewish community holds that against her.

  4. MZ: I'll provide a link tomorrow morning. Chag sameach to you and your family in the meantime!

  5. meanwhile, the nancster is hating every minute of this.

  6. Hey chief,

    I got the article from the Hufftington Post. It's one of the articles at the top, I believe. I don't know whether you consider this a legite source but the article certainly seems to be credible. Here are some other links concerning her past with the far right and other organizations:

    These are, once again, "leftist" sources but then, the articles seem to all be pointing in the same direction: Palin=Scum.

  7. Eitan, if you are a liberal now relying on liberal sources for your news that's your right, but as far as I'm concerned, Sarah Palin aligning herself with the right wing is the main reason why I support her so strongly.

    Sorry to say this, but regarding the anti-Semitism charges you were yet another victim of the liberal media's bogus smear campaign. Don't be upset or embarassed, it happens all the time unless you are vigilant in making sure their imformation is false.

    Your false report was debunked here.

    BTW, you are aware that Sarah's mother is 100% Jewish on both sides, right?

  8. MZ,

    I'm aligned with the far-left now, right? (like my play of words;)

    Well, if you take my friendship with "Communist" Gert as a token of my where my loyalties lye, I guess I understand where you're coming from though if you consider my voting history (Herut, Moledet, Ehud Le'umi) I can say the same thing for you.

    As far as her mom being Jewish, do you really think that matters? Karl Marx was Jewish, or at least born Jewish. Heck, most people you and I would both like to hang are Jewish and self-proclaimed Zionists at that.

    If the b#$%% had anything to do with Jews for Yoshke screw her and her "Jewish" mother.

  9. If McCain would have opposed the bailout, he'd be ahead today.

    In MN Norm Coleman was ahead over Al Frankken, until he voted for the bailout.

  10. Here's an analysis of the McCain campaign: IT HAS SUCKED. It's been lethargic, timid, and generally weak.


  11. Your right on that Madze. The economy desperately needs to make a right turn...

  12. things are sucking wind for our side, madze.


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