Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barak wants to "eradicate" settlers

Once again, we see the evil Jewish Settlers are being targeted by peace loving leftists who just want to make the world a better place. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak (Obama) is one of those keenly perceptive socialists who realize that the best way to make peace with the arabs is to eradicate all the Jews who dare live in areas of Israel the arabs want exclusively for themselves.
The Defense Minister based his moves on his view that a small group of nationalists "attempt to challenge government authority [and that] the security establishment must counter and eradicate this phenomenon."
Of course, we all know that the peace loving Barak was the Prime Minister who offered to give away 97% of all the land Israel won from Jordan following the 6 day war. Apparently, even though Arafat didn't want the "land for peace" deal and launched a deadly intifada to prove it, Barak is nontheless relentlessly determined to make the arabs take it anyway, even if it means wiping out every last Jew who lives there to get it done.

Of course, we all know Barak is only eradicating the Jews for their own good. After all, if he doesn't destroy them first the moslems may just may kidnap them, kill them, and hold their corpses for ransom. This way, by cutting to the chase and violently exterminating the Jewish presence it saves Israel ransom money and prevents them from having to release for terrorist arabs from jail.



  1. Eitan, I accidentally rejected your comment. SORRY! To summarize, you were defending Ehud Barak as a war hero, and arguing it is wrong to mock him as being like Barack Obama.

    I contest that policy wise they are indistinguishable. If anything, Ehud has been, and continues to be, more damaging to Israel and the Jewish people than Obama ever will be.

    Suffice to say, they both suck.

  2. Barak is awful, Arik was two-faced, Olmert is unmentionable, Livni just as bad (-would not take the "Jerusalem question" off the table even if it meant not forming a coalition), Bibi is a consummate politician who wants to be in power, but is not much else. Feiglin is the only one I see out there who has principles and believes in Eretz Yisrael according to the Torah.
    Btw, your blog description is awesome. My sentiments exactly, although I don't how we can do it with the 'reality on the ground' today...

  3. It's OK, MZ! As indistinguishable as they may be policy-wise, they are two very different politicians. They have completely different agendas and completely different backgrounds (which I alluded to).

    Then again, I don't understand where Barak is coming from, having defended his homeland and now turning his back on it. Obama makes more sense.

  4. BOO!

    have a great weekend, madze!


  5. Priceless, Nanc! I may have to devote a post to that one.

  6. Lady-light, thank you for stopping by! Please come back again and share yourt thoughts.

  7. MZ: just posted on it...or rather Manhigut Yehudit did. I'll try and add some commentary of my own later. Good shabbos!

  8. Most Zionists are territorialist, meaning they support smaller borders.

    You are bucking the future.

  9. Ren, not sure what "Zionists" you are in touch with, but the Post-Zionists are the ones who favor shrinking Israel's borders until the State just goes "poof".

    As far as "bucking the future" I can't see how you would know that. I will agree with you that I am in the overwhelming minority today, but the future? Let's wait and see.


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