Thursday, October 02, 2008

Say NO to Socialist Bailout AND McCain

The Senate, with the voting support of John McCain and Barak Obama, today passed the great socialist, pork barrel bailout plan in which the government indefinitely continues to supply funds to promote liberal social engineering. No more will Americans need to concern themselves with buying only what they can afford, because the culture of handouts was officially ratified by the Senate today. The only obstacle left is the House, and how much longer can they hold out? We hope forever, but obviously the opposition numbers won't hold up much longer.

From now on, the United Welfare States of America will happily supply minorities and the impoverished with unqualified loans despite the fact that they have no money, no steady employment and no security. When the banks that hand out the politically correct money are subsequently stuck with the defaults they won't need to worry that they'll go under, or lose there ability to compete in the market. Nope, they'll hand the bad note over to the Treasury and tell them to print some more money and write it off.

The McCain campaign had a golden opportunity to stand for the 80% of Americans who loathe the bailout. He had a fierce opposition in the House that represented the overwhelming majority of Americans who are getting handed the bill without being given a proper voice. This was the moment for him to stand up, make the bold decision to stand against the socialist bailout and to support the American people.

He failed us.

McCain went staight into the tank with the corrupt, affirmative action left who are on the take with social activist groups like Acorn and LaRaza. He led nothing, did nothing, and followed the lead of Bush/Pelosi/Reid/Dodd/Frank/Paulson and Obama against the American people to support legislation to continue business as usual in Washington.

If McCain were really any sort of "reformer" he would have stood up on the Hill and said "NO! NOT ON YOUR LIFE WILL I SUPPORT THIS BILL!" It would have made him a hero for the average American that rightly thinks this deal is foul. It would have authenticated his claims to being a maverick who will end the waste and corruption in Washington.

He didn't, he turned his back on everything he claims to stand for, and everything that the American people who supported him believed him to be. I was disgusted with McCain before the campaign began because of his failure to stand for core conservative principles on the economy, immigration, interrogation and global warming.

I had hope again when he nominated Sarah Palin as his VP, because she stood for everything we doubted him for, and made us believe again in the conservative movement that Bush & Company had given such a bad name to over the past 8 years.

Alas, just as Palin has proved to be a mirage, so, too, has McCain's credibility as a leader of the conservative movement. We so hoped for more, we so wanted to believe in the illusion of two idealists going to Washington on their white horses to save the day, but what we got is a leader of empty promises and a sidekick with an empty head.

I look at McCain, I look at Obama, I look back again at McCain and can no longer tell one from the other. Whoever wins is irrelevant, because either way we are the real losers who will be stuck with their trillion dollar tab at the end of the day.



  1. we're in a "do me now" or "do me later" mode.

    time for a write in or to vote for a libertarian?

    all they did was put a bandaid on a festering boil!

    beamish '08

  2. Nanc, everytime I see on TV pundits preaching to us about how if this doesn't pass then loans will be too hard to get. That people with mediocre credit won't be able to get low rates on car loans or credit cards.


  3. i don't want ANYTHING we cannot pay cash for unless it's our home and property - and i'd be willing to sell my new car if need be as i have three paid for vehicles to take its place!

  4. The cost of the bailout, is equal to 60% of GNP of the US. If nothing is passed, the world will have a recession. If it is passed, there will be stagflation.

    The poor people's mortgage, is like a thimble to whole issue, of what Marx called false capital.

    The banks accepted risky mortgages, because they thought they could make superprofits. Talking about political correctness is just racism.

    The proper word for the bailout, is state capitalism.

  5. good, ren - perhaps this will awaken people to the fact they DON'T NEED it NOW. we can all go back to PLANNING and SAVING!

    can you imagine the brats who're going to be running this country in 20 years?


  6. Ren, one of the inherent flaws Marxists typically demonstrate is abject naivette. The reflex answer, lacking any logic or common sense, for every situation, is to blame capitalism for every malady.

    Got a cold? The unequal distribution of wealth must be to blame.

    Losing your hair? The free market stole it.

    Girlfriend broke up with you? If private property were abolished by the state that never would have happened.

    Listen, we know you are devoted to the religion of the Prophet Marx, but can't you ever break free from the blinders and see things from beyond the limited, narrow scope of lumping every issue into the same tired class warfare argument?

    The bailout is about as capitalist as welfare, yet you see it as another evil capitalist action. Comments like these make those of us with broader, more well rounded outlooks snicker. We look at these comments, shake our heads, grin, and dismiss it as the rantings of a mind washed cultist who no longer is capable of independent thought.

    You blame everything on the same thing, regardless of what the topic may be. It's like a religious fanatic who regardless of conversation or context spouts on about how every problem, great or small, can be solved if you would only believe in Jesus.

    I am a religious Jew and this is a Jewish site, and we have many religious Christians who visit as well, but we are all capable of using reasoning without theology to answer many everyday questions. Your Marxism attributes every single aspect of human existence to Communist missionizing, so it is almost impossible to have a common sense conversation without a quote from Marx or another Communist revolutionary doing the talking for you.

    Break free! Life is much bigger and diverse than you know.

  7. Nanc, the fact that the "Earmark Fighter" voted for billions in Pork to go with his socialist bailout destroys any and all credibility his campaign had as a "reformer" or "maverick". He's just another corrupt, sell-out politician.

  8. Madze:

    "Alas, just as Palin has proved to be a mirage, [...]"

    Glad you got that right. Did you see the debate last night? What struck me (among many other things) is that each time Palin mentioned the word "maverick" the silent applause meter (that approval thingy) nosedived really strongly.

    "I look at McCain, I look at Obama, I look back again at McCain and can no longer tell one from the other. Whoever wins is irrelevant, because either way we are the real losers who will be stuck with their trillion dollar tab at the end of the day."

    That's the consequence of a de facto two party system. With a "winner takes all" system the candidates slide further and further toward the centre until there's only a cig paper between them, because the massive voting blocs are in the centre.

    You replied to Ren:

    "You blame everything on the same thing, regardless of what the topic may be. It's like a religious fanatic who regardless of conversation or context spouts on about how every problem, great or small, can be solved if you would only believe in Jesus."

    {Suppressing Kuhnkatian reflex now}

    Look at who is effectively doing what you say they're doing. That's you Madze, not Ren. Your whole long ranting response to him implies that it's you who, almost quasi-religiously, is laying the blame fer everthang at the door of the virtually non-existent "Socialists" and their "wealth redistribution plans".

    American Conservatives are really going to increasingly miss a trick or two if they continue to frame the Free Market debate in ideological terms ("Capitalism v Socialism"). Today, the free market is a wealth generation system in use throughout most of the free world, as well as in parts that are not so free (e.g. China). We know from past experience (recent and more distant, pre-American) that the system, like any decent engine isn't w/o foibles and problems. But to conflate it with an ideology that would also provide the Good Society is patently false and completely outmoded. It would incidentally be more accurate to call this kind of ideology "Americanism", as it is now almost exclusively the preserve of the US political debate. And Dems should distance themselves more from it too (but they won't for fear of losing a few votes).

  9. Gert, I was also annoyed by the constant "maverick" references, but I disagree with you about the debate being further evidence against Sarah Palin. If anything, the opposite is true. She comported herself very well by almost any measure, and eliminated the fears we had about competence after her disastrous Katie Curic interview.

    Final Summary: She carried the night under very difficult circumstances, while Biden was only memorable for the horrendus eyelifts that make him look quasi Oriental.

    As far as my looking like a fanatic blaming everything on socialism, that is totally false. I only attribute economic failings to socialism, not every matter known to man. Beak is the communist obsessive, while I only rant against it when it is in proper context.

    Ren is a reverse Beak in that sense, believing every facet of human existence would be fixed if we only would convert to Marx.

    Of course, Ren is much more civil, intelligent and rational than Beak, so I wouldn't insult him by putting him in that class as a person, but for matters of obsession with communism they are opposite sides of the same coin.

  10. madze - i wholeheartedly disagreed with her on the two state solution in israel. it was just a little soundbite, but there nonetheless. check the transcripts - it was toward the end.

    we're screwed regardless of who gets into office, imho.

  11. I heard that, Nanc. Unfortunately, the two-state solution is the only one that is now considered politically correct by either party...and ISRAEL! I tune it out becausxe I know not to expect anything different.

    Israel's internal collapse is most to blame. Because Israel is now a radical peace activist government that rejects Judea, Samaria, the Golan and old Jerusalem America is forced to follow. The US just can't be to the right of Israel on borders.

  12. Feh...the house caved and we're now over $800 billion poorer.

  13. did you see that californistan now wants in on some of the action?

    fartz! the fourth largest economy in the world needs a handout. you ask "how bad can it get?" we're about to find out.

  14. Hey, vote Beamish or go screw yourself. Go screw yourself is way ahead in the polls. It ain't my fault.


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