Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hate message from a self-loathing Jew

Here's a lovely message that I received today from a leftwing, Palesitinan activist who apparently really loves Jews...

You're a fucking disgrace MZ, you're a bigoted, myopic, prejudice ridden fucking cunt that calls people Adolf and loves to tag anyone that begs to differ as an anti-semite.

You're the weakest kind of bottom feeding fuck, idea-less, anger ridden and futile in your pissing in the wind.

As for ritual slaughter, you fuck, you forget to mention that most civilised people have a problem with both halal and kosher killing methods and legislation against these methods does not stem from anti-Jew or anti-Muslim feeling but from animal rights that ignore daft rules about how animals should be killed and what should be eaten (like god has the time to worry about that shit).

For the record twat face:

Denmark and Finland demand the animal is stunned right after the cut.

Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Sweden demand the animal is stunned beforehand so it can't be kosher or halal.

Holland demands pre cut stunning for Halal but has legislation protecting shehitah.

Spain only allows ritual slaughter for sheep and goats.


And don't even start me on circumcision, genital mutilation of any form is so anti-human it stuns me that we allow the practice anymore.

Just as the Christians and Jews looked on as the Pagan Romans made sacrifices to their gods, both animal and human and shuddered, so do non-believers and humanists look at the eating habits and genital malpractice of the religious.

You need people to hate the Jews and you do your best to enable it, because if they didn't you'd have nothing to do with your backs to the wall style of debating and polital mindset. Your lack of ideas and your neck deep prejudice would be clear for all to see.

I can assure you that every shitty little untruth and empty oratry you throw down here I'll smash to tiny bits.

-Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

This "peace activist" just wants more tolerance and love, of course. If he needs to exterminate Judaism and Israel in the process, why quibble? Naturally, he is a deeply self-loathing Jew; they seem to make the finest anti-Semites.



  1. i take it you and he are not friends anymore?

    isn't it amazing how loving those peaceniks are?

  2. Nanc, there is still worse from this pile of filth that I won't publish because it's just more of the same old repetitive, profane, hostile anti-Semitism. Suffice to say, that's a real statement about the unimaginable amount of hate that is spewed from the left.

  3. twat face?

    so he's off your chanukkah card list?

    yes, have you seen the thug rappers jeezy and jayz and what they've said about bush and this new one? my prediction is the "n" word will make a come back and in some cases it will be deserved.

    we are going to get exactly what we deserve - it is written.

  4. p.s. - i've put a new post up at curtains AND ohboomoments for your perusal.

  5. Nanc: MZ wasn't quite Ghandi himself.

  6. Ren, we may not agree on much politically, but I am always civil in my discourse.

  7. ren - i've observed a few of the heated moments and my madze only resorts to "pottymouth" when the need arises. i would never insult him by comparing him to ghandhi for crying out loud!

  8. Nanc, let's just say that when someone is holding an indefensible position and losing their argument, they immediately resort to spewing out profanity laced tirades.

    I surf anti-Semitic sites regularly to get a feel for what the enemy is saying, and it's incredible the similarity of vitriol against the Jews by the Marxist, White Supremacist, and Islamist websites.

    While none of them agree on much else, they all will band together as one when it comes to Jew hatred.

  9. have you thought of representing america? it's a thought...

    nancson speaks several languages and is a zionist - this may be one avenue for him.

  10. Hello coward, still not publishing dissenting comments?


  11. Dan, I publish comments that offer reasoned discourse and civility. Ad-hominem attacks and militant anti-Semitism like you've displayed thus far will never get through my wall of security. If you keep it clean, polite and offer substantive discussion points without gratuitous insults than your comments will likely be posted.

  12. There were insightful moments by all, between the garbage.

  13. I don't take well to Marxist lumped with White Supremacist and Islamist sites?

    What Marxist sites do you surf?

  14. I'm Catholic and circumcised and quite glad of it.
    That faithless goober isn't a Jew.
    He's just another vulgar leftwing trashbag that hates everyone outside of his faithless, bitter, perverted world view.

    In other words, he's just another Democrat.

  15. is the the rwm who used to be at moonbat central?

  16. RWM: It's kind of interesting to see Marxists simultaneously call for the banning of Judaism and in the same breathe deny anti-Semitism. They are a pathetic group...

    In some ways I respect the white-supremacists and arabs more than the leftists: at least they are up front about hating the Jews, not playing pathetically transparent games to try and cloak their anti-Semitism as "love for humanity".

    Advocate banning kosher slaughter, banning circumcision, reject the Jews rights to self-determination, consider Zionism racism, but swear that you have nothing against the Jews...

    They are Nazis sans the honesty.

  17. Yes nanc good to cya again!

    MZ that's just what Hitler said!
    (paraphrasing)He said he learned everything he knew from the bolsheviks but they were dishonest about themselves while he wasn't.

    Renegade, marxists, islamists, nazis, all the same in practice - feudalistic, tyrannical, racist and merciless.
    It is historical and contemporary FACT.
    They are the embodiment of avarice, envy, and sloth.
    They all come bearing fur lined manacles and sugar coated poison.

    They all hate and persecute the faithful of God (Jehovah - not the pagan moon god Allah) - especially God's chosen, the Jews.
    Spiritual envy is even uglier than class envy. It is the dead hating life.

    They are all in a constant state of war with everyone else, sharing the same motto: convert or die.
    They do not proseletyze - they persecute.
    They do not debate - they silence.
    They do not engender prosperity - they economically create royalty and peasantry with little in between.
    They are all, in their own right, religions of the sword.

    Is it any wonder that they are natural allies worldwide?
    (Nazis arent gone. They call themselves Baathists and Iranians nowadays).
    Is it any wonder that they hate our constitution and capitalism?

    To a sane mind, the answer is no.


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