Saturday, January 17, 2009

Israel declares unilateral ceasefire


Typical, typical, typical. Israel launches a military mission of no objective, accomplishes nothing, and then ends the campaign claiming to have achieved their objective. With the sham of operation "War for Votes" over, now Kadima and Labor leaders can sit back and hope their mild boost in the polls will be good enough to retain their coalition government.

Meanwhile, in response, Hamas declares they will only increase their attacks and fires rockets into Ashkelon, Ashdod and Beer Sheva while Olmert poses for his "victory" media photos.

Until MZ's "Annex and Expel" plan is implemented there will be no peace in the Holy Land.



  1. They accomplished their goals:

    1) Restore IDF image post Lebanon.
    2) Move up a few points before the election.
    3) Send a message to Obama.
    4) Get more funding for the IDF, with a tight Israeli economy.

  2. Ren, you think the IDF image has changed as a result of this mission? How? They did not return Shalit and they did not end the rocket fire. They accomplished nothing.

    What message was sent to Obama? They started the operation in the last 3 weeks of the Bush administration and ended it a few days before Obama took office.

    More funing for the IDF? Please quantify with specifics.

  3. Israel accomplished little besides blow up a few buildings and kill a few Arabs. The Hamas leadership is still intact, rockets are still flying and Shalit is still captive.

    The Israeli soldiers and citizens showed themselves willing to fight. They are proud and strong. The leadership has once again betrayed the people.

    We now must look to the next round.

  4. The US lost in Iraq. Obama needs help from Iran and Syria to withdraw. Bush has already made overtures to Syria and Iran, through envoys. Iran is having elections and the mullahs want a moderate. THey will help Obama for a price. Most likely a Palestinian state. The skirmish says don't count Israel out when you negotiate.

    This skirmish makes it harder for the Knesset and the US to cut IDF funding. Israel's economy is tight.

  5. Ren, you do put together some crazy thought processes, I'll give you that.

  6. Actually, what Ren says would make a lot of sense if it weren't for the statement "the US lost in Iraq". The last I heard, our position there is a lot stronger than most on the left ever thought it would be.

    Also, the IDF killed some key Hamas leaders. However, in the grand scheme of things, I agree that this doesn't amount to much. Individual leaders of movements such as this are quickly and easily replaced.

    It't too bad. They had a chance to really cripple Hamas for the long-term, and just contented themselves with giving them a black eye that will quickly heal.

  7. They never planned to abolish Hamas. It was never said once.

    If you were going to overthrow the Jewish state, would you use Hamas's tactics? There is no connection between Hamas's tactics, and any goal, but negotiation. They want a Palestinian fiefdom. They hate Abbas more than Israel.

    I'm wrong. The US won in Iraq.

    What message to Obama? According to Alan Woods: The timing of the withdrawal is significant and confirms what I wrote in my article. In that article I explained that the Israeli ruling class attacked Gaza before Obama replaced George Bush on January 20, as a message to Washington not to reach any agreements with the Arabs that might not be to their liking. Having made their point very eloquently, they now withdraw so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassment to the man in the White House.


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