Monday, January 26, 2009

Palestinian Arabs Revealed

This video is a fantastic summary of how Palestinian nationalism, Islamism, Nazism, and anti-Zionism are all united as a single ideology seeking the extermination of the Jewish religion, nation and people. No concessions will ever satisfy them, save the ones that allow for us to meet the Final Solution.

One cannot say it firmly enough: We must fight our enemies tirelessly, relentlessly, and without compromise. There can be no negotiation when it comes to the survival of the Jews as a people, a religion, and a nation. Kahane Tzadak!



  1. Quote of the year from Aryeh Eldad (MK, NU) during a debate yesterday with arab scum MK Ahmed Tibi. Eldad is a secular nationalist, BTW:

    "Arabs are not traitors in the state of Israel, they are the enemy in the state of Israel. Arabs in Israel who seek to undermine the nature of the state should be transferred to Jordan, where most Palestinians are located."

  2. Eldad, like his dad, is a great leader. I wish he had religion to guide him but almost everyone in his inner circle is religious-Zionist so he'll get there G-d willing.

  3. Eitan, Eldad may not be a religious Zionist (or maybe he is, but politically keeps it under wraps), but he is a great gap-closer between secular nationals who are afraid of religious nationals (and vice-verse), so he serves a very important purpose.


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