Tuesday, February 03, 2009

National Union surges in polls

Great news from the polls today! The National Union (Ichud Leumi) is now projected to earn 6 seats in the Knesset, while Likud, Labor and Kadima continue their sagging trend. The nationalist party that Kahane would be proud of is making a lot of noise, gang!

(IsraelNN.com) A new poll released Tuesday points to a near-disaster for the Likud, headed by former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and a surge in popularity for Ichud Leumi (National Union), headed by Yaakov 'Ketzaleh' Katz.

The results also reflect the pollsters' dilemma of how to deal with an estimated 20 percent of voters who remain undecided, a factor which has complicated their work and may be the reason behind vastly different rankings.

The results of the survey, which was carried out by Geocartographia in conjunction with Globes, are as follows:

Likud, 24-25
Kadima, 21
Labor, 17
Israel Is Our Home (Yisrael Beiteinu), 17
Shas, 11
Meretz, 8
Ichud Leumi, 6
Arab Parties, 6
United Torah Judaism, 6

The survey is also bad news for the Jewish Home party, billed as the new National Religious (Mafdal) faction, projecting that it will not win the number of votes needed to enter the Knesset, a result that would cancel its vote-sharing agreement with Ichud Leumi.

Other results from the poll award Yehadut HaTorah (United Torah Judaism-UTJ) and the Arab parties with six mandates each. The Greens and the Pensioners are bordering the amount of votes necessary to earn Knesset representation, according to the poll.

Ichud Leumi and Yisrael Beiteinu's gains apparently have come at the expense of the Likud. If election results were to reflect the poll, Netanyahu would be heavily dependent on Yisrael Beiteinu and Shas, which would still would leave him with up to nine MKs less than the 61 he would need to form a coalition. In that case, he would need to include both UTJ and Ichud Leumi.

The results squeeze his options for a coalition with Labor, which almost certainly would not accept Yisrael Beiteinu as a coalition partner.

The bottom line: Israelis are getting awfully tired of being terrorized by the arabs and having corrupt concessionists lead the country. As Katz leads the NU party to greater representation, we could see some very big ideological movement to the right in the coalition Likud has to assemble should they be victorious as expected.



  1. do not be disturbed by what i'm about to say, but in christian circles, bibi is the favored to win or so it has been projected. we will soon see.

  2. Likud will win, nanc. Not disturbed or surprised by that. My hope is that the NU party is able to win at least 6 seats, which would give them some influence in coalition building and policy.

  3. he WON'T put up with iran gaining nukes - that is a good thing. and we may see syria destroyed as stated in isaiah 17.


    obama a zionist? who knew?

  5. Nanc, the anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic world considers Carter to be a Zionist, too. Hating Jews while denying being anti-Semitic is their favorite word game.

  6. is aliyah yet a possibility for you and your family?


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