Monday, September 21, 2009

My Terrible Hebrew

So, my wife's religious aunt from Israel is staying with my inlaws for the chagim, and she only speaks Yiddish and Hebrew. My inlaws speak fluent Yiddish and some Hebrew, and my wife speaks nearly fluent Hebrew, so there are no communication issues - for them. But me, I'm the moron who can't speak Hebrew (or Yiddish) a lick, and am completely unable to interact without their translation help. It is not making me happy.

You see, I can read Hebrew, and can pray in Hebrew, and know some words here and there in Hebrew, but as far as conversing in it I'm a complete disaster and it really pisses me off. The one thing that I've taken from this frustrating experience is the need to get off my ass and actually learn how to speak Hebrew once and for all. Consider this is my "resolution", so to speak.

Without knowing Hebrew I am unable to accomplish any of the goals I have as a Jew, both religiously and logistically. The time has come to climb this great mountain once and for all, so expect my posts in the future to include updates on my progress with this mission.

Anyhow, I had a very meaningful and enjoyable Rosh Hashana, and am very much looking forward to the rest of the holy days over the next few weeks. A special thank you to Nanc for checking in with me during my sabatical from blogging - I really do appreciate it.



  1. Ketivah veChasimah Tovah LeShanah Tovah Tikateivu

    start here!

    you don't think they're speaking poorly about you behind your back, do you?!? BWAH!

  2. Who would ever do such a thing...

  3. may your name be written in the book!

    blessed and peaceful yom kippur to you and yours.

    hopefully israel will see fit to do what it HAS to do about iran. our cowardly ass-in-chief certainly won't! pardon my unladylike language - the lefturds have gotten the best of me of late.

  4. I like it when you get frisky, nanc!

  5. perhaps it is the REAL me coming out?!? one of my little christian lady friends and i went to a townhall meeting this evening and on our way home admitted to each other that we've been cursing a little too much lately - just last night some pol was boldfaced lying on the news and as i walked by i shouted, "what a bunch of bull sh*t!" pop said, "BAAAAAAAAAABE!" she's been calling the congress and senate JUST to tell them how "pist" and "mad as hell" we are!

    ...desperate times call for desperate measures.

  6. Nanc, you are one sassy momma! Give 'em hell, girl.

  7. איך הם שיעורי עברית מתקרב לאורך?

  8. MZ, what's your take on what's been going on at the Temple Mount? Is there danger of a rupture with Jordan over this?

  9. Hammer has quit blogging. Thought you'd like to know...

  10. Sorry to hear that, nanc. Why did he decide to quit? Burnout?


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