Monday, April 17, 2006

9 dead, 66 wounded in Tel Aviv suicide bombing

The secularist liberals apparently will never learn what must be done with the moslem vermin. Today in Tel Aviv - the San Francisco of Israel - a vile, repugnant, moslem pile of female dung blew herself up at a restaurant, killing 9 and wounding 66 Israeli civilians (at last count).
(Arutz Sheva) - The Islamic Jihad terror group and the Al Aksa Brigades, the military wing of the Fatah party, have claimed responsibility for the attack. Fatah is the party of PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) leader Mahmoud Abbas, and his predecessor, PLO terrorist chieftain Yassir Arafat.

In 1993, Israel signed the Oslo Accords and ceded control of heavily populated Arab areas to the Palestinian Authority. When the accords were signed, the PLO and its largest component, Fatah, pledged in writing to refrain from carrying out terrorist attacks or from using violence of any kind against Israel.

The Al Aksa Brigades and the Islamic Jihad have been cooperating extensively to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel, especially since Hamas won a pivotal parliamentary election in the Palestinian Authority last January.

The fast food felafel stand, "Rosh Ha-Ir," in the vicinity of Tel Aviv's former central bus station, was the site of a terrorist attack three months ago. Thirty-two people were injured in that attack which was also carried out by the Islamic Jihad.

When you permit the murderous scum to live among you, when you concede land to them, when you pacify them with "good will gestures" and offer to divide up your country so that they can have a terrorist state of their own to attack you from, what the hell do you expect to happen? God willing, one of these days, the people of Israel will wake up and finally have the vermin expelled or exterminated from Eretz Israel once and for all. Anything less is suicide.



  1. Mz., I saw that on the news this morning, and it just makes me sick that Israel just keeps putting up with this!
    One of the leaders of the Palis even had the nerve to say that the bombers have the rights to attack I
    srael! This is so outrageous, and nothing is ever going to change until Israel completely wipes the Palis off the map!
    I just can't believe they will allow this to continue!
    BLOW all the bastards away!

  2. kahaneloyalist4/17/2006 3:50 PM

    MZ, as Iam sure you know the Rambam brings down the Halachot of War in the Mishne Torah Hilchot Melachim where he writes that when we go to war in a Milchemet Mitzvah we are required to competely wipe out the enemy nation and any defensive war is always Milchemet Mitzvah, among Jews only Baruch Goldstein zt'l truly understood this. I daven that a Torah State will arise which will follow Halacha and completely destroy the "palestinians" for they have waged war agianst us and it is a great Mitzvah to destroy them and a terrible Avera to show them mercy.
    "Through the mercy of fools all justice is lost" Ramban

  3. If the Israelis would spend more time trying to make peace, and less time trying to make enemies of the Arabs, this never would happen. Stop persecuting the Palestinians and the attacks will end.

  4. Moron. I'd be thrilled to show them some real persecution. The right amount would drive out the vermin by the millions.

  5. Dana is just pulling your chain. No real person could be that stupid.
    As for the bombing, Hamas has declared war on Israel. If blowing up civilians is not an act of war, the term has no meaning. This gives Israel the right to attack 'Palistine' any way they can. If they like terror so much, let's give them lots of it!

  6. If it weren't so sick an act it would be funny in a sense that the liberals won't stop it or try to prevent it, only appease the scum. "Please Mr. Croc, eat me last" Dana, please make haste and drop dead!

  7. and now this:

    iran financing the palis.

    hey, madze - with friends like danaboblowhard, who needs enemas?!? bwaaaaaaaahhhhh

  8. Did any of you ever stop and think how hard it must be for Palestinians to grow up in a world with no hope? Of course they choose to become rebels, after all they have been left with nothing else. When Israel is willing to simply give them the right to return, stop occupying their land, and allow them to live with the dignity of a state that is bi-cultural instead of just "Jewish", than maybe these events will stop.

  9. kahaneloyalist4/18/2006 3:01 AM

    When we have wiped out the modern embodiment of Amalek then the atacks will stop because all opur enemies will be dead. Ameritz Hashem may it be today.

    Anyone who attacks the Jewish people must according to Halacha be wiped out as a people I hope a Torah government will arise which will destroy the cancer that is the Arab (and all those who in any wayt support them, dana)

  10. themerrywidow4/18/2006 8:14 AM

    dana- The "Palastineans" are a made up "race", they did not exist until the 1960s. Palastine is just Latin for Philistine, who were invaders and conquerors from "The Sea-people". Sorry, they have no rights to land given by G*D! The arabs(wheither muslim, Christian or Druze) who choose to stay are full citizens with representation in the Knesset! The Israeli jews have been very generous when they did not have the moral necessaty to be! When you care for a snake don't be suprised if it bites, it's just being a snake. And if an ungrateful people stab you in the back you don't continue to clasp them to your breast speaking kindly, you deal with them as they insist on acting, not with hatred but with clear eyed understanding that you don't want your children bitten! What happened in the Gaza strip will tell you that the neighbors are not sane! If I was left a technologically advanced greenhouse, I would thank G*D and work my fanny off to use properly the gift given! The Philistines destroyed what they cannot rebuild, it is a pathological problem. Would you want Jeffery Dahmer as a next door neighbor? I'm not that foolishly minded!


  11. dana is one of the reasons the word "idiot" was made - how else would we recognize one?

  12. themerrywidow: Don't waste your time explaining anything the the Danathedimwit simply because we have all written it down before thus she/he/shemale is a troll. Nuff said!

  13. dana you think maybe you could get ANY arab or muslim country to do what you prescribe for Israel?
    Let us know when you do.


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