Monday, April 17, 2006

Remembering the victims of the Tel Aviv bombing

Here's a profile of a few of the fallen civilians from Tel Aviv's islamic suicide bombing. God willing, their deaths will be avenged and Israel will finally exterminate the vile, despicable, profane moslem presence from Eretz Israel. May it happen soon and in our days.

YnetNews reports:
Gifts for the children

Philip Balhasan's relatives said he traveled to Tel Aviv with his two children, Linor and Uri, after promising to buy them CDs and computer games for Passover. The family was apparently standing next to the fast food stand at the time of the explosion.

Balhasan, who was still conscious, yelled out to his son to grab his cellular phone and call his mother to inform her of the attack. The son, Uri, recounted the moment of horror: "When we heard the blast, dad wrapped his arms around me and Linor and hugged us tightly. Then he said 'grab the phone, call mom and tell her about the attack.'" Shortly thereafter, Balhasan collapsed, but police officers who led him to an ambulance were able to talk to him and heard him say he was hurt by shrapnel and by the force of the blast.

It appears some of the shrapnel hit Balhasan's heart and he died on the way to the hospital.

Balhasan's wife, Etti, was at work when she received her son's call. Her managers quickly drove her to Tel Aviv hospitals so she could look for her husband. After failing to locate him, the wife was forced to head to the forensics institute, where she identified her husband's body.

The two children, Uri and Linor, sustained light wounds and were released from hospital following treatment. At this time, relatives are still in shock over the day's events, with Uri constantly repeating: "Dad was on the floor."

Balhasan's brother-in-law, Emil, said "Philip loved to laugh and was loved everywhere. He had a presence. He was a great father." Balhasan is survived by his wife Etti and four children, Liran, 21, Lital, 19, Linor, 15, and Uri, 12.

Pregnant wife receives terrible news

David Shaulov was killed while on his lunch break. His wife, Ludmila, 27, is in her ninth month of pregnancy and received the terrible news at hospital, after heading there earlier in the morning because she felt she was about to give birth.

Ludmila attempted to call her husband after hearing about the attack, but received no answer. She later insisted on heading to the forensics institute against the advice of doctors in order to be with the family at the time the body was identified. The couple moved to Israel in 1990, and David's brother, Yossi, said: "David was keeping the entire family afloat. He always helped and supported everyone. I don't know what we'll be doing without him now."

Shaulov is survived by his wife, who is about to give birth to a girl, and by two children, Idan, 6, and Karin, 4.

Security guard killed

Binyamin Chafuta, 47, was the security guard positioned at the entrance to the fast food stand at the time of the bombing. Chafuta worked as a guard for many years, and started working at the shawarma stand following the previous attack at the site earlier this year.

Chafuta's relatives said they felt as if he bid them farewell during the Passover holiday.

"He loved to laugh, to eat and to drink, and we never saw him as happy as he was during those two holiday days," his wife Miriam said. His older sister, Rachel Cohen, said: "Binyamin loved life, loved the family." The sister said she asked Chafuta whether he was scared to perform his job, but he replied: "Why would a terrorist want to come for a second time to the same place and carry out an attack?"

Chafuta's brother, Jackie, said: "I called people who worked with him in order to find out what happened to him because I didn't find him in hospital, and then I heard someone on the other end of the line say: 'Binyamin is dead, Binyamin is dead.' Then I realized I won't be seeing him alive."

'Lily was a great mother'

Many relatives and friends arrived at the Yunes family home to offer their condolences after learning that Lily Yunes, 43, died in the terror attack in Tel Aviv.

"Nothing can be done, it's destiny," Yunes' son yelled out. "Don't worry dad, it will be alright."

Yunes is survived by her husband and four children, Lidor, 24, Asaf, 22, Bat-El, 17, and Tsach, 10, who was wounded in the attack, along with Lidor's girlfriend, a French tourist.

Lily's brother-in-law, Tzemach Elias, said: "She was blossoming, a great mother and a model woman. I don't know how this happened to us. It's fate."

First grandson

Taxi driver Victor Erez, 60, lost a leg several weeks before the Six Days Wars after sustaining wounds at the Erez crossing, after a vehicle he was traveling in went over a landmine. Following the incident, he changed his last name to Erez in a bid to change his fortunes. His young sister, 51-year-old Yafit Hajaj, lives in London and arrived in Israel for the holiday. She never imagined the trip would end so tragically.

Hajaj said she came to celebrate the brit (circumcision) of Erez's first grandson. "Exactly a week and a half ago he served as his godfather, and it was great joy," she said.

"We received the news at 6:30 p.m." she said. "I was shocked to receive the news, to see how ugly people can be. How can a child-terrorist ruin families? I'm still not digesting it."

Meanwhile, the family decided not to tell Erez's mother about her son's death. Nephew Meir Hajaj said: "My grandma, his mother, is very old, so we prefer not to tell her. Only 10 months ago, when a younger son died, we told her and she took the news very hard."


  1. kahaneloyalist4/18/2006 3:02 AM

    the Muslims are the worst of them but all Arabs are out enemies, and we should treat them accordingly

  2. I disagree, KH. The Druze arabs are very pro-Israel and serve valuably in the IDF. They are vehemently opposed to concessions with the vermin, and are more fiercely Zionist than most secular Israelis.

    The Arab Christians are rapidly being exterminated by the cancerous vermin. I believe that is because they have foolishly become dhimmis to the moslem beast and turned against Israel. Therefore, the whole corrupt Orthodox Christian scum in Israel can be boooted out with the vermin as far as I'm concerned.

    The Bedohins are fantastic trackers and detectors, and serve admirably in the IDF. Their skills have saved countless Jewish lives, and though they aren't always as fiercely Zionist as the Druze, they nonetheless have proved to be an asset to Israel and should be permitted to remain in the Land.

  3. Notice how there are never any sweet profiles of the Palestinian civilians who are being killed by the IDF?

  4. and then there was ray hanania, bonehead brother of dana:,7340,L-3241051,00.html

    idiots abound!

    morning madze.

  5. Morning, Nanc. Hananiass is at it again, huh? I guess I'll have to check it out and rip him a new one again.

  6. he is slime - do not get any on you!

  7. another interesting article at breitbart:

    too much news these days, madze.

  8. kahaneloyalist4/18/2006 10:57 AM

    The Druze arent Arabs they are a different ethnic group altogether and with a few modifications they could take upon tehmselves the status of Ger Toshav. That being the kind of Goy who is permitted to live in Eretz Yisrael.

  9. Another Infidel4/18/2006 11:06 AM

    MZ: Thank you for putting up the human faces of the tragedy - I am not holding my breath for the sheep of Israel to wake up any time soon, though - no doubt Ehud Olmert had extreme pleasure on hearing the news (as did all his leftist/secular self-hating supporters) and got ready to propose some fresh concessions.

  10. Dana

    Can you stand in the middle of the road. I am on the way with my bulldozer.

  11. Dana there are no "palestinian" civilians.
    Just ask them - or the people that have lost relatives to the murderous "palestinian" sows and larvae.

  12. this just in from drudge, madze - sorry, just when i thought they were done making bad news today:

  13. I wonder to which party did these victims cast their vote? The lord shall judge in the final round.

  14. i'm concerned about beamish, madze - please see if there's anything you can do to make a difference:

    or, it may be another of his tests - for all i know he could be out having pizza! at first i thought it to be "beamish blogger block" but now i'm not so sure...

  15. in case you haven't read the jpost this morning:

    saudis transferring $92 million to p.a.

  16. you're not going to like this, madze:

    now, quick - go pop a cold one!

  17. Israel is the terrorist. You should blame the zionists for these deaths, and terrorism in general, because if they would stop colonizing and oppressing Palestine there would be no bloodshed.

  18. the merry widow4/20/2006 7:45 AM

    I guess there is a pali wannabee amongst us! Probably wishes all Jews and friends would get shoved into the sea. Pity that there is such irrational hatred roaming around. I would surmise that it is related to the evilllllll Bushitlerchimphaliburtonrove terrorist machine. Funny how they sound like broken records!
    The unimaginable circumstances of having to live with the thought today could be your or families last day must take a toll on lives! May G*D strenghten and comfort thier families and friends! And may HE give some logic sense to the leadership! You cannot reason with the unreasonable or deal rationally with the irrational! Insanity doesn't compromise with reality, it doesn't even recognize realities right to exist. You cannot make nice with out and out evil! When will we learn?


  19. Actually, I am Jewish by birth. I have to admit, though, when I see Jews oppressing Palestinians on a daily basis that twist of fate gives me no pleasure. End the occupation and the violence will end.

  20. Dana says, "End the occupation and the violence will end"

    Israel agreed to the Oslo accords, legalized the Palestinian flag, allowed the PLO to take control of large portions of the West Bank and Gaza, began the demolition of Jewish settlements on unoccupied land and ended the occupation of the Gaza Strip...

    Did the violence end? Concessions without reciprocation just leads to more terrorism.

    You say that Israel is the terrorist? Then what are the terrorists, freedom fighters?

  21. When the Palis ACT like they deserve a state, then MAYBE they'll get one. Voting Hamas into power was a real intelligent thing, eh Dana? Nothing like wearing your Jew-hatred on your sleeve. Or was the IDF responsible for that, too? Or is the IDF responsible for murdering its own citizens? Or does the IDF teach children that there is no Israel? Or does the IDF pass around Jewish blood libels as truth? You have no position that is capable of being defended with reason or with faith, Dana. Give it up and go home. Your betters have bested you once again.

  22. Dana how do Jews colonize land from which they are indigenous ? Did you go to NYC public school or is your ignorance a product of years of Marxist miseducation.

    Kindly give MZ your co-ordinates as I rev up the bulldozer and send you go join Rachel Corrie in wherever Marxist clowns spend eternity.

  23. ODL - danabobanaboboneheaddana - is there no end to your ignorance? where is b.b. when you need him - now he has a way with the words.

  24. p.s. - i'd be willing to wager that if idiocy were wealth, dana would be the bill gates of the left.


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