Thursday, April 06, 2006

Delay filing ethics charge against racist McKinney

Mr. Delay is going out in grand fashion. At this rate, he'll become more popular post-resignation than he was while serving in congress. Go, Tommy! Go, Tommy!

(WorldNet Daily) - One day after announcing he would resign this summer from Congress, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, said he's prepared to file an ethics charge against Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a Capitol Police officer who asked the Georgia Democrat for identification.

"If somebody else doesn't file an ethics charge, I will," DeLay said on Rush Limbaugh's radio show this afternoon. "I am going to defend these Capitol Police. ... They are incredibly professional and courageous, and I am not going to let this happen."

DeLay also blasted McKinney as a racist who uses her color as an excuse for perceived victimhood.

"She is a racist," DeLay said. "She bases everything on race. Everything bad that has ever happened to her is because she's black. She's anti-Semitic, that's who she is."

Last Wednesday, McKinney was stopped by a Capitol policeman while going around a security checkpoint in a House office building. Congress members are allowed to bypass the checkpoints, but McKinney was not wearing her ID pin and the officer did not recognize her.

A scuffle ensued, with McKinney allegedly striking the officer.
Of course, Delay is absolutely spot on. To take it one step further, this is really indicting the entire criminal black culture by making a spectacle out of this lowlife, uppity ho-bag. Let this be a blunt exposure of how the liberal obsession with victimhood and entitlement has turned black society into a tragic and embarassing blight upon America.



  1. Cool. A Republican finally grew a pair and called that skank what she is.
    It's long past time the GOP started openly naming the DNC racists for what they are.

  2. That was a great move from the hammer, hopefully, he'll go out in a blaze of glory!

    I hope they hang that monkey faced bitch!
    If they could just convict her of a felony for assult, she would be booted out of congress.

    The morons in her district would have to find another race-baiting scum-bag to take her place.

  3. I am sure we will hear the charges are motivated by the Jews. McKinney is a broken record and has a record of ghastly comments

  4. True, Beak. The question, though, is: was it a Jew that spread the lie about her punching the cop, or was it the Jewish lobby that got the cop to racially profile blacks? So many conspiracies, so little time.

  5. Her, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, and Sheila Jackson-Lee ought to be tried and deported for treason at the very least.
    Not only are they proud racists, but they collude with and support our enemies.

  6. shouldn't he call them "lack of ethics" charges - it's hard to file something against someone who has none of what is in question?

  7. I am surprised Ducky did not ask about the Chasidic riot in Brooklyn. You can get the story in the New York post.

  8. Bush wimped out with a 'no comment' on the incident. Hopefully, the next Republican presidential candidate will be nothing like him.

  9. Another Infidel4/07/2006 7:03 AM

    Delay is also one of the very few who came out forcefully against the Dem-Left orchestrated execution of Terry Schiavo. It is very sad that he was successfully torpedoed by the Dems - from Hugh Hewitts site I see that one of the main reasons he is quitting is that the Republicans have a stupid rule that if a Republican is indicted, he has to resign from office. Needless to say, the Dems have no such rules - otherwise, they wouldn't have anyone left in office! We need Delay back in the race, perhaps as VP to Tom Tancredo as P.

  10. I don't think GW wimped out.
    He's very adept at letting lefties flounder and self-destruct precisely BECAUSE he won't respond lol.

  11. With her low brow, flared nostrils, sweaty neck and prognathus jaw, not even Dianne Fossey could have told the difference between McKinney and a Lowland Gorilla. I'm surprised she didn't just climb the side of the building to reach her pork session. She's lucky the cop didn't use his taser and call the zoo for a pickup.

    Did that sound racist? How will I ever live with myself for sullying the name of decent gorillas everywhere? It's not their fault McKinney bears such a striking resemblence.


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