Sunday, April 23, 2006

Penn State declares war against the Jews

The islamization of America continues to steam full force ahead.

Just last week, the cartoon comedy TV show South Park was banned from showing the terrorist mohammed handing off a football, which subsequently led the South Park producers to brilliantly expose the hypocrisy of Comedy Central by having Jesus take a crap on the American flag and President Bush. This abomination aired free of censor to the delight of the liberal network executives, proving South Park's point that the leftwing media is demonstrating an unjust double standard of bias favoring the terrorist organization of islam.

Now, this week, we learn the islamic vermin and their liberal allies have successfully banned an exhaustive, revealing school production at Penn State University about the senselessness of "Palestinian" terrorism.

(Arutz Sheva) -Pennsylvania State University has cancelled an art exhibition about terrorism and the destruction of Jewish historical and religious sites claiming it "did not promote cultural diversity."

The ten-piece exhibit, by student Josh Stulman, was the result of years of preparation. It was called "Portraits of Terror" and focused on images of Palestinian terrorism, hate-propaganda cartoons printed in PA newspapers and photos of Jewish holy sites destroyed by Muslims.

Just three days before the exhibition was to take place, Stulman received an email from the School of Visual Arts saying that his exhibit on images of terrorism "did not promote cultural diversity" or "opportunities for democratic dialogue" and the display would be cancelled, according to the PSU Collegian newspaper.

"I'm being censored," Stulman told the paper, "and the reason for censoring me doesn't make sense."

The school's director, Charles Garoian responded by saying the images "did not mesh with the university's educational mission." He said the decision was made after reviewing the university's Policy on "Nondiscrimination and Harassment and Penn State's Zero Tolerance Policy for Hate."
Of course, everyone by now knows about how the liberal university system in America has been overrun by the filthy moslem scum of the world. Harvard, as we all just saw last month, famously blamed the "Jewish lobby" for all of America's problems. This kind of dhimmitude and anti-Semitism we unfortunately have grown to accept as a given in America's universities for many years now.

However, to outright ban an academic piece on the senselessness of terrorism because it is a violation of their "Zero Tolerance for Hate" policy is a new low. When Jews are killed it is now considered a politically correct act of rebellion, but when a filthy terrorist jihadi dies we all must cry a river of tears and blame the "Jewish lobby" and the "religious right" for the vermin's "senseless" death.

Excuse me for being a bit dramatic, but if I'm not mistaken we are witnessing before our very eyes the beginning of the next holocaust. The time has come for Jews to stop appeasing the enemy, giving "good will gestures" to the Hitlers of this generation, and declare all out war on islam.

I'm not kidding. The world is not big enough for Torah and koran, and anyone who sides with islam must be considered the enemy of the Jews. Anyone who sides with Torah must be considered a friend. The time for action has come. Moslems, and any who aid and abet them, must be wiped out or there will soon be no Jews left in the world to pick on.

We must look upon the moslems and those who befriend them as enemies of man and God. Enemies of life. Enemies of civilization. As long as there is a single moslem left in this world, or a single person who sympathizes with them, the battle will not be over.

As was the case with Amalek over 3,000 years ago, we must wipe out the memory of islam from under heavens. God wages war with them from generation to generation, and this generation will either destroy the moslem or be consumed by them. The final war has begun - whether we like it or not - and those who choose to ignore this fact will not be spared of its consequences. We either destroy the vermin or they destroy us; it's just that simple.



  1. I suspect you are right that a war is comimg in next 2-3 years. I am really in a quandry as to what to do about it. The US will probably not do anything until we have a major attack, possibly nuclear. Should I move to a non-target area to be safe from the bomb? Will the stock market still exist and will money be worth anything? Maybe a gun is the best thing to own.
    P.S. Sorry for all the pessimism.

  2. Righteous Warrior4/23/2006 10:48 PM

    I am new to this site, but what you said here needs to be said. Nobody wants to admit the truth about the foe we face in Islam. Liberals are indeed aiding and abetting the fall of civilization, and the death of the Jewish people, and only those who fight with God's people against the "vermin" (as you so aptly put it), will ultimately prevail.

    A lot of death awaits. We must be vigilant and stand up for what is right., Thank you, MZ, for doing your important part to bring the truth to bare.

  3. Feel the pangs. Islam is the suffering that we endure until the birth of the next era - the era we all have been waiting and hoping for. Islam's permanent and total destruction, inevitable and glorious for us all, will usher in something even more special. We must destroy the vermin ourselves, we must utterly annhialate the beast, for God will not usher in the next era, the glorious era, until we have eradicated the wicked menace from His presence.

    Islam must, and will be, totally obliterated. It's only a matter of time.

  4. kahaneloyalist4/24/2006 12:23 AM

    It is a Milchemet Mitzvah to destroy those who war against the Jews and those who do not actively fight with the Jews are as culpable as those who war against us.

  5. Another Infidel4/24/2006 5:31 AM

    BB: Get Jerry Pournelle/Larry Niven's "Lucifer's Hammer" from the library - it pretty much lays out what will happen in the US in the case of a large-scale disaster (the book's catastrophe is a comet striking earth, but what happens after is likely to be quite similar).

    MZ and others: If the rest of the world doesn't wake up, mankind will soon be gone. So far, the sonres are deafening.

  6. the merry widow4/24/2006 8:45 AM

    I don't even give it a full year, knowing the history of the Jews, a little at least, I believe the 9th of Av is not going to be good! I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, it may get bad but G*D has promed HE would intervine for Israel's sake. Me, I believe HIM! mohammadism's days are numbered, it is just going to be an extremely messy cleanup! And it will involve the whole world.


  7. MZ,
    The world is not big enough for Torah and koran, and anyone who sides with islam must be considered the enemy of the Jews.

    You've got that right! And any Christian worth his/her salt knows the same. The interfaithers are following the path to destruction, at the peril of all of us. Rabbis are participating in some of those "interfaith dialogues," and the Unitarians--far leftists--lead the way.

    Most of our Ivy League institutions are gone, I tell ya. And even some of the smaller ones as well. Did you see the recent info on Belmont College? Daniel Pipes recently wrote about that today (April 24) in FPM.

  8. madze - have you read this, this morning? seems the islamic thinkers society protested outside the israeli consulate and it wasn't pretty:

    bwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh - islamic thinkers society my butt!

  9. b.b. - "there is no place worse to be than in a quandary." book the seventh, series of unfortunate events.

    y'all come to nanc mountain where there's one road in.

    tmw - it was last year i believe that my birthday was on the 9 av - yeah, that date sure has some history behind it - and fortunately so do i! best to have your history behind you i always say.

  10. righteous warrior said,

    "Nobody wants to admit the truth about the foe we face in Islam."

    wrong. the foe we face IS islam.

  11. kahane - if anybody stands aloof from israel - they are considered in the eyes of G-d to be equally at fault for any tragedy that befalls her.

  12. ODL, madze - more gay tel aviv business at ynet:,2506,L-3241578,00.html

  13. Only false Christians will side with that filth, and those that do deserve to be destroyed with the sand swine and commies.

  14. Wow. No offense, but this is a very scary blog. There's a difference between opposing certain tenets of Islam, without having statements that generalize the whole religion.

    I've heard of people referring to 'us' as vermin. Didn't think my own people would have resorted to simplifying the issue to such a primal level (does it not reduce us to the same level?). It saddens me incredibly to admit that the same methods of persecution that we've had to face, that we so easily forget...


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