Monday, April 10, 2006

Ultra-Orthodox to join Kadima government

If anyone ever wondered whether or not the Hareidim in Israel are a bunch of whores looking to suck off anyone willing to give them money, even at the expense of Jewish communities being bulldozed, beaten, expelled and given away to the vermin, agreeing to join the concessionist Kadima government would leave absolutely no doubt.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what appears to be happening. Representatives of Shas and UTJ have made it clear that they intend to join with Olmert despite the fact that Kadima's principal stated political mission is to expel the Jews from Judea and give their communities away to the moslems.

The Hareidi parties are so addicted to government handouts that they would enter into a coalition that pledged to throw all the Jews into the sea and establish a caliphate just to score a shekel fix. This is because the vast majority of them are unemployed (by choice) and are perpetually dependent on government aid.

If they want to pretend that wearing a black coat and hat with a long beard makes them pius, well, they are only fooling themselves. Torah observance without accepting the basic tenet of pikuach nefesh, or "saving of a life", is not worth the parchment paper their scrolls are written on.

It's bad enough when the secular leftists hate the Settlers like poison and seek their destruction, but when the Ultra-Orthodox aid and abet the crime it becomes a disgrace to Am Yisroel, Eretz Yisroel and Torah. They should be ashamed of themselves.



  1. Thes traitors would haul Jews to the showers if it meant getting a handout.

  2. Actually, nanc, all rabbinic Judaism descends from the Pharisees. Hillel himself was a Pharisee. I think you are probably meaning the Essenes or the Sadducees. Like many Hareidi, the Essenes were an isolationist, ultra-strict, mystical sect, while the Sadducees, like the Shas and UTJ parties of today, were a corrupt sect on the take from the evil Roman government.

  3. MZ, the reason the Christians of Jesus's time and nowadays attack the "Pharisees"(Perushim) is Torah Judaism is the cure for Christianity so the Christians will naturally attack that which protects Jews froim Christianity. This is the same reason they attack the Talmud.

  4. well, i don't attack anybody unless they're visibly and by choice stupid! and there is a little pharisee in all of us, but very much in others. and you're probably right about the sadducees - as i get the two mixed up sometimes.


  5. Nanc, actually our anonymous commentor has made a good point. Historically, Christians who persecuted Jews did so under the pretext that the Rabbinic laws were heresy. I am essentially a Pharisee, as are all Jews who believe in Jewish law as derived from our Oral tradition, dating back to Moses, and first put in written form in the Mishnah.

  6. Another Infidel4/11/2006 12:35 PM

    All (especially MZ) - this is OT but is a display of Israeli inventiveness - may be there is still hope for the Jews?:

  7. Only those claiming to be Christians can be "heretical".
    Jews were persecuted for not being Christian at all (at least that was the pretense).
    Most often it was used as a cover for political or economic motives.

    I dont understand how the orthodox could want to compromise Israel.
    It's just nuts.
    I mean, how are they even orthodox if they can do that?
    Talk about heresy...

  8. That didnt come out quite right.
    I meant that technically, the charge of heresy can only be leveled against those claiming the same religion.

    So, if I were Jewish I would see the actions of the orthodox right now as heretical.

  9. Actually, RWM, the persecution of not being Christian was usually performed under the accusations that Rabbinic Law was illegitimate and, therefore, criminal. Kangaroo courts designed to reject Jewish Law had been widespread throughout Christendom from the 2nd century until modern times.

  10. RWM, the Hareidi are often not Zionist. Many, if not most, believe it is sacreligious to have a Jewish State prior to the coming of the moshiach, or messiah.

    The hypocricy comes when a Hareidi Jew will accept funding and benefits from the Jewish State, yet, be unwilling to show any concern for the Jews who live there.

    The other problem is that the Hareidi are actually going against the most important of all Jewish laws: that of Pikuach Nefesh, or "to save the life" of Jews by agreeing to have Jews violently expelled and a terrorist moslem nation formed in its place. The risk of lost Jewish lives rises exponentially with each mile of Land that is given away, and the Hareidi are enabling this to happen by selling their votes to the enemy for cash.

    Finally, a Jew does not have the biblical right to expel Jews and give away the Land of Israel to non Jews. This is strictly forbidden, and again is an indictment of the duplicitousness of those Hareidi who sanction anti-Torah actions for payola.

    This is exactly what the corrupt Sadducees of the Temple priesthood did which brought about the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash, or Holy Temple. It is also what Christians site when in their bible Jesus protested by angrily flipping the corrupt exchange table at the Temple before it was destroyed by the Romans.

  11. well then - i apologize to anonymous.

  12. the merry widow4/18/2006 1:22 PM

    What it comes down to is giving land, that G*D Himself deliniated as part of Abraham's heritage, away to those who are not part of the Covenant and expecting to be blessed! Personally, I don't want to be anywhere near when G*D deals with that kind of treachery! Nope, no way, no how! I shudder with each concession, what happened to the Joshua's? Is this world so sick that defending yourself is considered a sin? YES! I hope that The Almighty steps in before anymore of HIS people are endangered. I'm afraid that we are getting closer to the end of our world as we know it, when G*D acts on behalf of HIS people nothing will remain the same.



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