Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gas prices out of control because...

I seriously do not understand why we just spent one trillion, billion, million dollars to take out Saddam Hussein, then feebly try to persuade the vile moslem terrorists to play nice with each other in a civilized government, but we aren't allowed to take any of the oil reserves for our own county's needs? This is insanity.

(NewsMax) - CAMARILLO, Calif. -- Retail gas prices across the country soared an average of nearly 17 cents in the past two weeks, according to a survey released Sunday.

The weighted average for all three grades increased to $2.69 a gallon by Friday, said Trilby Lundberg, who publishes the semimonthly Lundberg Survey of 7,000 gas stations in the country.

Self-serve regular averaged $2.67 a gallon. Mid-grade cost $2.76 a gallon while premium hit $2.86 a gallon.

Among the stations surveyed, the lowest average price in the country for regular unleaded was in Salt Lake City at $2.28 a gallon. The most expensive was in Honolulu, where drivers paid $2.88 a gallon.
Why the hell are we allowing this to happen? What is Bush thinking? We went to war against Iraq, routed their army, and then, for some cowardly reason, decided we'd try and "win their hearts and minds" instead of totally defeating the miserable country and using its oil for our own damn needs?

Uh, f--k the Iraqis, f--k the holy city of Najaf, f--k the need to make the animals all sit in some parliamentary government together and sing kumbaya, and f--k the liberals who keep screaming this was a war for oil. I wish it were a war for oil. We need that oil; we deserve that oil; we lost lives for the rights to that oil; while the Iraqis didn't do sh-t. And now we are getting raped here in America at the pump so that some lowlife terrorist moslem with a towel on his head can smoke a water pipe without interference from Saddam?

No. Sorry. Not good enough.

We didn't do this war right at all. It should not have been a war to make the moslem factions have a nicer, happier, sweeter environment in which to kill each other and our soldiers on American taxpayers dimes. We needed to fight this war so that the Iraqis would get their f--king asses kicked by the USA, then force them to do whatever the hell we told them to do after we got done wasting them, and remade Iraq over in our own image while keeping the spoils. That's called WAR.

We simply didn't kill enough of them. We didn't ruin enough mosques, shrines and cities. We really needed to crush them much more savagely so that the vermin feared us more than the koran, more than their sheikhs and mullahs, and more than their local chieftans and gang leaders.

Then, well, then they would be whatever the f--k we told them they were going to be. Hell, they'd be singing the Star Spangled Banner in the mosques by the time we finished with them. Hatikva, too, if we told them to.

Then, and only then, all that oil, all that valuable, precious oil, would all be ours to do with as we saw fit. We would modernize the rigs, dig for more sources, refine it with space-age technology, and have an economic boom here in America the likes of which we've never seen before.

This war was fought by politicians rather than generals, just like Vietnam was, which makes this whole damn war pointless if you ask me. We should have buried these dirtbags, made them into the 51st state, and then headed straight in to Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the filthy islamic world to do exactly the same thing.



  1. show me the oil!

    but first, show me some refineries!

  2. Another Infidel4/10/2006 11:09 AM

    MZ: Believe me, you won't need the oil *if* the US Gummint (as Fred would say) was serious about getting alternatives. Renowned hard-science fiction writers (i.e. SF writers who write stories with real, achievable technical backgrounds) say that *all* that is needed is a one-time investment equal to the money that is spent in US in 1 decade on (hold your breath) cosmetics - and the return would be free energy and metal for all of mankind forever. I personally don't favour the "free" part - mankind being the ungrateful beast it is - but at least there would be no more dependence on oil. However, the near illiteracy (bordering on morbid stupidity) of almost all US politicians and especially the Presidents (Reagan being a honourable exception) means that this isn't going to happen. All that will happen is rhetoric about solar or wind power and better public transport followed by billions more of taxpayer dollars wasted. At the very least the US Govt. could declare cash prizes for space endeavours, but nooooo, that would show up how pathetic NASA is - so nix the efforts of private companies developing space technology instead of the long-past-expiry-date NASA.

  3. Another Infidel4/10/2006 11:59 AM

    MZ and others, please read this excellent piece of writing:

  4. a.i. - thank you for that - i'm in the middle of reading it right now. i'll present it to beamish when i'm done - awesome.

  5. Mz., my thoughts EXACTLY!!!!

    Our f*****g politicians don't even ask the public for permission when they waste all our money on a useless war, yet don't demand Iraq to re-pay us back!

    O.T.,.....but the same arrogant bs is going on with the f*****g whores on the "hill" trying to give amnesty to 20 million illegal invaders!

    What do you think that would do to our country?

    Bottom line,, the f*****g whores on the "hill" don't care a damn what 85% of America wants!

  6. It would not be a bad idea to do the same thing in Saudi Arabia. We could put a 20 mile diameter 'no man's land' around the oil fields and shoot trespassers. We could pay teachers to teach Americans are good people and Jews have a respectable ancestry. Any iman preaching jihad is a rebel who is shot. Maybe even an edited version of the koran or 'Reform Islam'.

  7. On the other hand, I favor high oil prices. It forces conservation, and I like the lower smog levels. I wish the prices would stay at about $4.00 a gallon for a few years. That would wash out most of the uneeded gaint SUV's I have to try to avoid each day with one fat bitch in it who has a cellphone in her ear.
    I also have an ulterior motive, you see I have a good amount of stock in Conoco-phillips and its been going up real nice in the last two years.

  8. I agree with Kyle on this one and for the same reason, "I can't see around these wipes that use the vehicle for their personal transportation. Ony thing I ever here on mfg commercials is how much horsepower their giant oil sucking SUV makes. Is it really useful when the majority of miles driven is way under 2000 rpm. These behomoths need low speed torque not high horsepower. Horsepower makes speed and the damn things are dangerous to the smaller vehicles and man, it snows so f#cking much here in southern PA to warrant having 4WD. SUV's should have mandatory mileage requirements to that of cars not trucks. I have many trucks for my roofing company and we use them all sparingly to conserve our fuel. Bottom line: The politicians allowed the oil companies to merge and squeeze us all, they're responsible for this fucking mess, oops, sorry! Oil should be declared just like gold as a comodity under national security jurisdiction and thus oil drilling should be manditory wherever is necessary. I don't care if Kennedy's mansion is on it or not, he'll simply need to move his almost dead carcause off of it.

    You want an SUV, fine you'll have to be content to have it diesel electric or battery capicitant. If you insist on gas then a major penalty is enforced at time of purchase.

    You don't like the new rules then your an anti patriot. All this comes from a guy who loves HP but it's really ridiculous how nobody gives a rats ass about what is good for America.

  9. there is a party here in anti-celebration of the anti-prophet pedophile muhammed's date of birth:

    second article down.

  10. Everything MZ said should have been done to Iraq (which I disagree, btw) should be a small taste of what should be done to Iran. As far as I'm concerned, if Iran has enough manpower to bury their dead after a war with the US, they weren't hit hard enough.

    But Iraq needn't be hit so hard. We don't need ME oil. Only 9% - 12% or so of the oil used by the US comes from Middle Eastern sources.

  11. Another Infidel4/11/2006 4:41 AM

    Nanc: Thanks for reading the Dan Simmons piece I linked to. Too bad the others didn't bother ... : ( ... can you please circulate it among your friends (and enemies too, come to think of it)?

  12. Gas prices soared here in the D.C. area yesterday. I filled up my cars the day before--on a hunch.

    When gas prices soar, other prices soar too. My grocery bill has been going up, up, up; and we are buying less. We'll be putting in a big garden this year, I think. I may have to dust off my canning recipes.

    The Dan Simmons piece was scarier than anything Stephen King ever wrote. Prophetic?

  13. Another Infidel4/11/2006 12:47 PM

    AOW: Thanks for reading the Dan Simmons piece! I found it very scary because it was/is so real. Again, please get as many people to read it as you can ...

  14. the merry widow4/18/2006 9:11 AM

    To all of you who complain about the SUV's; I have no choice, mine is paid for, we are on S.S., therefor we are unable to buy a new vehicle, also when we have to evacuate because of hurricanes I have 2 teenagers, an 80 lb. dog, a cat, important papers, computers, luggage, suplies for said pets and myself to lug a couple of hundred miles! If you want to contribute to buy us a small, energy efficient car I would gratefully accept and use it! Until then, be careful of who you call a fat bitch! I'm stuck with circumstances. I try to be conservative in the use of my vehicle and make circular trips to do my errands, I will not get into a debt trap just because of your whining! Not all of us have a lot of choices, we just make the best of it to the best of our abilities! And yes I do part time work but I also homeschool!



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