Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Atheist suing to abolish "In God We Trust"

This idiot is like a bad penny. He needs to begin dating his female counterpart; the lovely and talented Cindy Sheehan. Can anyone fix these two up?

Worldnet Daily - The California atheist known for his legal challenge against the Pledge of Allegiance is in court arguing the national motto "In God We Trust" is unconstitutional. Michael Newdow, who filed a 162-page complaint against the president and Congress, will argue his case in federal district court in Sacramento May 19.

The national public-interest
Thomas More Law Center has filed a brief supporting the United States government's motion to dismiss the suit.
Next, I hear he's going to sue hotels nationwide for putting those bibles in their drawers. What a putz.



  1. this newdow is taking this to new limits. does he not have a real job? what a prick!

  2. the merry widow5/10/2006 12:22 PM

    He's not real swift that's for sure, he probably hopes that patriots and Christians will go back to sleep and allow ourselves to be "rolled" like Mad O'Hare did in the '60's!


  3. I would still like to know how he continues to sue,sue,sue, when he hasn't even read the constitution.
    This seperation of church and state is fictional. If anything it should be used to keep the state out of churches. I will not get on a soap box here but this is just stupid.

  4. the merry widow5/10/2006 2:29 PM

    You're right Jacob, the Constitution says that no church shall be established by the government. i.e., no Lutheran church over others like in Germany or Denmark! The USSR had a seperation clause, tells you where Newdow really wants to live! He would have problems in China though, they have the Three Self Movement which subordinates the churches and other religious institutions to the communist party! Of course he might like that! What a maroon!


  5. That jerk-off lives in my area near Sac.,...I think maybe Elk Grove.
    Only in the peoples' republic of Ca., huh?

    I think he's a pro whiner and commie shit-disturber.
    I've heard he's a half assed lawyer,....sure fits the profile too.

  6. Can we bring a class action civil suit against Newdow, for "wasting our collective time"?

  7. Kyle, I think that's the best idea I've heard all day.

  8. On behalf of 99 percent of the tax payers in the united states, we the plaintiff sue Michael Newdow for filing frivilous lawsuits and thus wasting our money.

  9. Tazz, why don't you bolt past this asshole and take his knees or jaw out? I prominse, I won't say a word.

  10. You know Jan, if I run into him somewhere, I might just do that!

    I'd love to mess up his day.

  11. I'd love to read about the details

  12. If I ran into him, you all would be the first to know.
    I would hope I wouldn't end up in jail.

  13. I'll pitch in for bail if it will help. Try hiring him for the trial and then rag on him

  14. okay - newdow falls off a cliff and about halfway down he grabs onto a limb and it jerks him barely to safety.

    as he's hanging there hollering for somebody, anybody to save him - a Voice from above says, "do you believe?"

    newdow says, "i believe!"

    the Voice from above says, "do you have faith in me?"

    newdow says, "i have the faith of a hundred men!"

    the Voice from above says, "then, let go my son!"

    newdow says, "IS THERE ANYBODY ELSE UP THERE?"

    which goes to show we will all trust in something.

  15. Another Infidel5/11/2006 8:47 AM

    Nanc: thanks for the laugh! We really need to go after the Lefties as aggressively as possible. Aren't there any rich right wingers who would make sure that frivolous lawsuiters like Newdow find themselves neck-deep in legal trouble? The Lefties have George Soros, we have nobody. Also, all the rich Jews seem to be self-hating destroy-Israel types.

  16. Newdow is trying to legislate his own misanthopy.

    Tazz, I hope you do run over..I mean, run INTO him. You cant miss him. He has a perpetual sneer etched into his shifty-eyed face. You could turn that frown upside down by twisting his neck into a pretzel. That would be the first real excuse he had for litigation.


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