Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Lessons of Hebron

The following is a true story of the liberation of Hebron from the Vermin in 1967. Self-loathing was as real then as it is today, and the lessons to be gleaned from this story are timelessly profound.

The Return to Hebron - June, 1967

Who was the first Israeli to return to Hebron in 1967? Who was the first Jew to enter the Cave of the Machpela in over 700 years? (Moslems refused to permit Jews into the Cave of the Machpela. Jews were allowed to pray outside, at the infamous "7th step". Anyone attempting to get any closer to the entrance was beaten by the Arab guards stationed there.) Surprisingly enough, the first Israeli in Hebron and in the Cave of the Machpela was the then Chief Rabbi of the Israel Defense Forces, Rabbi Shlomo Goren, z”l. And here is his story:

Rabbi Goren was present with Israeli forces as the IDF conquered the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Holding the rank of general, Rabbi Goren knew that the army's next mission was Hebron. Wanting to be among the first Israeli's in the ancient City of the Patriarchs, he joined the armed forces stationed at the recently captured Etzion Block, on their way to Hebron. On the night of 28 Iyyar, before retiring for the evening, he requested to be awoken when the soldiers began their march to Hebron the following day.

The next morning he awoke, only to find himself alone with his driver. Realizing that he had been "left behind," he ordered his driver to begin the 20 minute journey to Hebron, expecting to meet the rest of the army, already on their way.

Rabbi Goren thought it pecular that he hadn’t encountered any other Israeli soldiers on the road as he reached Hebron. He thought to himself surely the Israelis had already finished the job of marching on Hebron already. Driving into Hebron, Rabbi Goren was greeted by the sight of white sheets, hung from roof-tops and windows, throughout the city. He was astounded, but understood. In the summer of 1929, Arab residents of Hebron had massacred 67 Jews and wounded many others. The 1967 Arabs of Hebron were, very plainly, scared of Jewish retaliation. So, they did not fire one shot. Instead they hung white sheets from windows and roof-tops.

Rabbi Goren quickly made his way to the Cave of Machpela. Finding the huge doors bolted, he tried breaking in by shooting at the lock, firing his Uzi submachine gun. Finally, after getting into Ma’arat HaMachpela he blew the Shofar, as he had done 24 hours earlier at the Western Wall.

Only afterwards did Rabbi Goren discover that when he left the base at the Etzion Block, the rest of the forces were on the other side of the hill, making plans for the attack on Hebron. They did not know that the Arabs would surrender. In other words, Rabbi Goren, a single Israeli soldier, single-handedly conquered a city of 80,000 Arabs. Jews had returned to Hebron and to Ma’arat HaMachpela!

Rabbi Goren hung an Israeli flag outside the Ma'ara and brought a Sefer Torah inside. The next day he received a telegram from Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan. It read, "Take down the flag, take out the Sefer Torah, and everyone who enters must take off his shoes, because the building is a Mosque!" Rabbi Goren sent back a telegram saying, "The Sefer Torah is Kodesh (holy) - it stays. The flag means to me what it means to you. If you want to remove it, do so. I will not touch it."

Dayan sent an officer into Hebron to remove the flag and Torah. On the way back to Jerusalem, the officer was killed in an automobile accident. Dayan then rescinded his order to remove shoes in the Ma'ara.
Moshe Dayan also gave away the Temple Mount as a "good will gesture" to the vermin. When will we learn that making concessions to the moslem filth only serves to get Jews killed? Olmert is now trying to urinate on the bravery of the liberation of Hebron by expelling the Jews. He does so at his own peril, for God will not be tolerant of such desecration.


  1. the merry widow5/25/2006 10:06 AM

    Bwahahahaha! Sounds almost like Jericho, G*D does the work, HIS people reap the rewards! Also shows what G*D thinks of concessions! Thank you MadZ, but I am afraid that the secular Jews won't "get it" until Messiah shows up and whaps 'em upside the head! Then we're going to hear wails. This first person account also shows what those mohammahens are made of, murder innocents then cower at what they have earned!


  2. You may be right, TMW. I think it's time for that WHAP by now!

  3. has there been talk of expelling jews from hevron? besides for all the back and forth skirmishes in all the usual places (the casbah, that little shul outside of giv'at avot), i don't think anyone's seriously talking about it. if anything, they're just building more and more there.

  4. Excellent! Now I know you are just ignorant of the politics and not malicious, Menachem. I hope to bring you out of the woods and into the fold! Please read through my blog, or through any of the statements made in the platform of Ehud Olmert's Kadima party for information on what is known as the "Convergance Plan".

    For your benefit, here is a quick summary of Israeli politics.

    What Kadima and ther coalition is intending to do with the Jews who live in what is known as Judea and Samaria (or "West Bank" if you are unfamiliar with those terms), is to expel them by force and give it to the moslems so that they can create an islamic terrorist state led by Hamas.

    Hebron is located in the "West Bank", and is on the "Palestinian" side of both the security fence and the "Green Line" ("green line" is the armisist line that was established in the War of Independence back in 1949). What that means, Menachem, is that the civilians who live in this area who are Jewish will be ethnically cleansed as a "good will gesture" or "capitulation" to the arabs who have been waging a terrorist war against Israel known as the "intifada".

    Hope that helped, my friend! We need your support. I know you served in the military in Israel and are now at a University being indoctrinated, so please, get involved in Judaism, get involved in helping Jewish people who are on the brink of a pogrom, and help save a Jewish life from being detroyed! You can makle a difference.

  5. the merry widow5/25/2006 1:14 PM

    MadZ- What really stinks to high heaven about all this, is Jews doing this to other Jews!!!!!!!!!!
    This is insane, just something else I can't fathom! These people are doing nothing wrong and they are being treated as undesirebles! Thrown into the streets with thier families to scrape by or starve! You know G*D is hearing thier cries! As for Olmert and crew, when thier time comes NO ONE will listen to thier cries because they dispossessed thier brothers! I guess they really are "secular" they obviously don't think there is a G*D, or HE's off taking a nap or something!


  6. So true, and so sad.

    God sends us his blessings on a golden platter, and we turn it away.

  7. The Real Me,

    It's like the story of the guy who drowned:

    This guy is on a boat and the boat capsizes.

    A guy in another boat comes by to save him and he says to him, "No thanks, God will save me."

    Soon after, a helicopter spots him floating and goes in to save him. Again, the guy waves off the hellicopter and says "God will save me!"

    Then the Coast Guard comes and throws him a preserver. The guy throws it back and says: "No thanks! God will save me!"

    The guy then procedes to drown.

    In the next world, the guy meets God and asks: "WHY DIDN"T YOU SAVE ME!?"

    God said in response: "I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter, I sent you the Coast Guard...what more do you want from me?"

    The Jewish State now has the same story to tell as that guy. If they drown, they will only have themselves to blame.

  8. look at what i wrote, and look at what you wrote. one has nothing to do with the other. olmert hasn't breathed a word yet on what he's planning on doing with hevron. if he plans on giving it away, we'll fight it, and if he doesn't, we'll applaud it. fine. i think we agree on that. my point was simply that nobody is really talking about hevron now. it's not currently under attack. olmert is not, currently, "urinating on the bravery of the liberation of Hebron."

  9. Would "pooing" be a better analogy?

  10. Nice history lesson MZ. I love Dayan (and his famous eye patch) for his excellent military tactics and strateges. I had no idea that he gave away the Temple Mount to the dogs!!! OUCH! I wonder if Jews just don't have it in their genes to be mean. In more ways than a dozen--the Jews have almost the same personality as my God. Loving, kind, forgiving....sometimes to their detrement unfortunately.

  11. O.T. - madze - here's an article that will go well with your horny teacher articles next time you publish one:

    poor little tofu fartin' fairy...

  12. Israel has no right to occupy Palestinian land. The sooner they realize this the sooner there will be peace. The Palestinians only want to be free from occupation and to return to their rightful homes. Israel must relinquish control over matters for which that they have no moral right.

    Hebron is not Israel's property. They showed no respect for the mosque when they illegally stole the land from the Palestinians. If they leave they will send a message to the Palestinians that they are more sincere about peace.

    As I've said before, though. The key to peace is the Right of Return.

  13. themerrywidow5/26/2006 8:19 AM

    Gee, MadZ, you need to leave out the fly swatters!


  14. Dana, please relinquish your Jewish birth and convert to Islam. That is all I ask. Why? It's kind of like us "relinquishing" our land for the Arabs(not palestinians, as there is no such thing) and having our holy places be smashed to pieces by reverent Muslims.

  15. you know, greg, just because you blog on shabbat doesn't make me want to ask you to "relinquish your Jewish birth and convert to islam." i couldn't care less what you do, what you believe is what you believe, and i respect you for that.

    you can argue with dana all you want, but you can't ask her to deny her jewishness just because you don't agree with her political views, stupid as they may be.

  16. Menachem: I was making a point. My point was that Dana's asking Israel to relinquish Jewish land may be compared to someone trying to tell her to relinquish her Judaism.

  17. Another Infidel5/30/2006 11:30 AM

    Great story, MZ. I had no idea that Dayan did such a wimpish thing, though. Under orders from above, no doubt ...

    Also, too bad the cowards did not get their just recompense ...

  18. Dana said,

    Hebron is not Israel's property. They showed no respect for the mosque when they illegally stole the land from the Palestinians.

    The Arabs disrepected a Jewish holy place and implemented apartheid-like restrictions on the Jews to prevent them from using their own holy site.

    Over a thousand years of Islamic occupation of the Jewish homeland had made the Jews second class citizens in their own country.

    Israeli has restored Jewish honor. You have not found that honor and spit on the graves of your ancestors.


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