Monday, May 08, 2006

Olmert strengthens Arab power in Knesset

The dhimmis heading the knesset are leading Israel to ruin at break-neck speed. The concessionist government of Kadima has appointed Arab MK's (yes, the same moslems who openly seek the destruction of the State of Israel) to head the most powerful committees of knesset in order to help advance the plan to expel the Jews and unconditionally surrender Judea and Samaria over to the vermin filth.

YNet News - The Kadima ruling party has already started acting to promote the future withdrawal from the West Bank, by removing potential obstacles that may work to impede the implementation of the plan. The Knesset's largest faction intends to do so by creating a majority of Arab and left-wing Knesset members on the [two] parliamentary committees that are set to vote on the convergence plan – the Economics Committee, and the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

The Arab and left-wing MKs will be assigned to the committees at the expense of members of the Likud, Israel Our Home and the National Union-National Religious Party factions. According to Knesset regulations, a party needs to have seven parliamentary mandates in order to receive automatic representation in these two important committees [thus, the arab parties do not qualify -MZ].

In light of the problems the previous government encountered when trying to have the disengagement plan approved, the current cabinet decided to grant the Arab parties two seats in each of the committees, compared to only one seat they received during the last term.
Ehud Chamberlain Olmert will do anything in his power, even change the rules of how knesset appointments can be distributed, to make sure that all of Judea and Samaria is Judenrein as soon as possible. Once he accomplishes that mission, Olmert will then be free to turn his focus over to making the Galilee and Golan Jew-free zones as well.



  1. hey, thanks for moving bad eagle to the bottom and elevating longrange! you are a prince among bloggers. a king perhaps!

  2. p.s. - what ehud "chamberlain" olmert plans will bite him in the rear! G-d help him.

  3. i don't usually do this, but thought you all may be interested as 60,000 people were polled:

    1. NewsMax Poll: Strong U.S.
    Support for Bombing Iran

    An Internet poll sponsored by reveals that Americans
    are overwhelmingly in favor of the
    United States undertaking military
    action to stop Iran's nuclear
    weapons program.

    Nearly 60,000 people have taken
    part in the poll so far, and more
    than nine out of 10 say U.S.
    efforts to contain Iran's weapons program are not working.

    A large majority of respondents
    also believe that Iran poses a
    greater threat than Saddam Hussein
    did before the Iraq War.

    NewsMax will provide the results
    of this poll to major media and
    share them with radio talk-show
    hosts across the country.

    Here are the poll questions and

    1) Do you believe U.S. efforts to contain Iran's nuclear weapons program are working?
    Working: 7 percent
    Not Working: 93 percent

    2) Should the United States rely
    solely on the U.N. to stop Iran's
    nuclear weapons program?
    Yes: 11 percent
    No: 89 percent

    3) Do you believe Iran poses a
    greater threat than Saddam Hussein
    did before the Iraq War?
    Yes: 88 percent
    No: 12 percent

    4) Should the U.S. undertake
    military action against Iran to
    stop their program?
    Yes: 77 percent
    No: 23 percent

    5) Who should undertake military
    action against Iran first?
    U.S.: 45 percent
    Israel: 35 percent
    Neither: 20 percent

    got the alert in the mail from newsmax this morning. couldn't find a link for it so pasted it - hope you don't mind.

    as one who usually doesn't trust polls when only two or three hundred people are polled, 60,000 says much more than your average poll. i'm glad we have outlets like this.

  4. Nanc, Iran is the first one we should have taken out after 9/11.

  5. The problem with the Zionists is that they see the world through the eyes of Jewish Supremacy. How is it that the other people in the world are less important because they aren't Jewish?? If Palestinians were called Jews everyone would be calling for Israel to be nuked for doing such horrific things to the poor people.

    How about realizing that the land is everyone's to share? The people on one side of a line should not be treated like slaves unless you expect them to lash out in desperation. That's just the facts.

    Arabs should be more represented in Israel's government and I applaud this use of Affirmative Action by Olmert to help correct the injustice.

  6. Dana You Moron

    The problem with you is that you have zero clue about history. There are no Palestinians and Arabs have tons of real estate allready. They arived via colonialism and treated Jews and others to a Jim Crow culture.

    I am going to find out if we can change your last name to moron. However, I am sure you allready look up everytime that word is said.

  7. If you put the "Palestinian" label on the Jews how much less moslem terrorism would be tolerated against Israel? The vermin would have been wiped out by now if the anti-Semitism were removed.

  8. your site is back to normal and all is right in my world.

  9. If only being the Mad Zionist was considered to be normal. a perfect world.

  10. kahaneloyalist5/08/2006 11:53 PM

    MZm dana isn't Jewish we should just ignore her. As for the question of Jewish superiority, of course Jews are superior, so yes, we do get rights no one else gets. Though this is not racist, because racism says you are born a certain way and can never change. Judaism says anyone can become Jewish and be just as Jewish as I am.

  11. that is one of the MOST pointed statements i've seen in a very long time kahane! i plan to become extremely jewish before zechariah 14 comes to pass. we all need the rain!

  12. madze - you should bring him on as a contributor - honestly.

  13. KL, we are any better or worse than anyone else, accept in respect to the fact that we have been given the great gift of Torah. God is the only "better" in the equation, we are just fortunate to be the ones chosen to follow the blueprint He has laid out for living the most meaningful life possible. Of course, many of us have not chosen to take advantage of the richly blessed Torah lifestyle He has made available to us, and so we must hope to bring as many of us back to Torah as we can in our lifetimes.

    And if Dana is actually a Jew, well, she certainly has chosen very poorly, indeed.

  14. Nanc, I agree with you: KL is a fabulous commentator to this website. I am very pleased to have him here.

  15. then ask him to join! don't let him get away! good things have a way of slipping away...

  16. the merry widow5/09/2006 8:26 AM

    I agree MadZ, Grab him quick! KL speaks logically and clearly. We need more who speak truth! I ranted over at the Autonomist, where are the men? KL answers part of the question. As for being Jewish? Can I be grafted? I love G*D and try to obey HIS ways! After all G*D never abrogated(like "some gods") HIS word, so Gen. 12:1-3 is still in effect, that's our blessing Nanc!


  17. Dana ignores the fact that the Jews have had no rights under Islamic rulers for almost 2,000 years.

    Now they want the right to exterminate the Jews, while demanding representation in greater numbers than their votes have won them.

    How many Jewish lawmakers are there in the Islamic world?


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