Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Zionist meets Surfer in South Florida

On a lighter note...

The Mad Zionist and the The Solid Surfer met for the first time over dinner and drinks at a popular Fort Lauderdale establishment tonight, and, let me tell you, we had a blast! A little politics, a little laughter, some scotches for me, some rum for the Surfer - just a great evening of conversation.

Surfer came to visit MZ's area on vacation and decided a meeting with MZ would be a must. As my readers know, MZ has always been a big fan of the Surfer's website, and he of mine, so we quickly decided to make a plan to have food, drinks, and answer all of the world's problems.

I also was fortunate enought to meet the lovely and talented Mrs. Surfer, and, naturally, she's just as sweet as can be. Unfortunately, Mrs. Z missed the fun, as she was home in bed with a low fever and cold/flu symptoms. She was most dissappointed to miss out on the meeting, and was greatly missed by MZ and the Surfers.

Anyway, we discussed how Judaism and liberalism are utterly incompatible, and how the moslems have been permitted to get away with murder by using the ruse that they are a religion, how much precious time it takes to devote to being a blogger, etc., etc.

So, the weather was perfect, the company was fabulous, and I will greatly look forward to the next time the Surfers and the Zionists can get together. Yes, as the cliche goes, a good time was indeed had by all.



  1. how awesome is that? it must be great! i've thought of the bloggers i'd like to meet and you are definitely at the top of my list, and the surfer's not bottom drawer either.

    sorry to hear mama z couldn't make it. being pregnant AND sick has to be the worst.

  2. Yea, it was sad that she couldn't come. It was a real hoot meeting a fellow blogger. You know if you are ever in my neck of the woods we will definitely have to make plans, too.

  3. the merry widow5/31/2006 9:54 AM

    Hey, MadZ, since I'm in suuy Fla. if your ever up near Patrick AFB or the Cape, let me know!
    Glad you could meet up with a fellow with whom you have so much in common, say ,hi, to MamaZ and tell her I pray she gets better real soon! Have you tried Airborne yet? It works to build up the immune system without drugs, I have used for years to good effect, might want to give it a try!

    Good morning and G*D bless all!

  4. Scotch and Zionism, that is a real threat to Islamists.

  5. i'd be willing to bet we'll meet flo before anyblogger (if'n he wants to) as we will have conferences in or near hotlanta in the future. and, one of my best friends lives in woodstock. our children are the same age. her husband is a retired army colonel.

    fern - islam is the biggest threat to islam. scotch and zionism is but a nervous tic! oh, and some aspirin...

  6. Hey,Mz, that sounds like a great amount of fun, meeting a fellow blogger like that! Great!

  7. MZ It must be fun to meet a fellow blogger. The Solid Surfer is a very sharp customer.

  8. Yes, he is indeed. I am impressed by him and his Mrs. Surfer. Very nice people.

  9. I just cant arue with Nanc. She rules me like a dungeon master...

  10. fern - stop!

    we may be off to meet mr. and mrs. tazz next month! it will be a party - nancpop likes cheap beer too!

  11. Hey MZ,

    Great hanging out too! Look forward to next time and hope Mrs. Z has been feeling better too.

    I'm back to posting on my site, so I'll recap some things about our discussion soon as well!


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