Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ooops!! Expulsionists having a bad day

Not a good day for Israel's leftwing Concessionistas.

First off, the two Israeli newspapers, Ha'aretz and YNet News, which reported the story that the three Jewish families living in Hevron's Beit Shapiro building were living under "forged documents" and therefore should be evicted, paving the way for the arabist Supreme Court and appeasement Kadima government to order them to be forcibly expelled from their homes, have now confessed that the whole bogus document story was a fabrication.

Ha'aretz will print their public apology in today's paper, while Ynet will deliver their apology tomorrow. Of course, the families who were forcibly expelled and left homeless by the shameless ADF (Arab Defense Forces) raid, will be forced to celebrate this bit of news from whatever tent city they are living in since being left out in the cold to rot by those "compassionate" liberals.

In other news, the Judenrein State of Gazastan successfully launched Kassam Rockets that made direct hits on a Jewish home in the nearby Israeli city of Sderot. Fortunately, the family wasn't in the house at the time, but 2 people did have to be treated for shock. The fact that the vermin launched their missles from what had been Jewish Gaza before the ethnic cleansing didn't help matters for theses poor people, who have been the victims of an all out daily assault against their town since the moslems took over.

As a result of this attack, the Concessionista Israeli government announced detailed plans to expel Jews from an "illegal Jewish settlement" in Hebron.



  1. kahaneloyalist5/31/2006 12:20 PM

    What I find most annyoning about the cowards in power in Israel today is they refuse to learn. Chamberlain at least recanted his ways after WWII started, these idiots will never change

  2. the merry widow5/31/2006 1:04 PM

    sounds of head banging on comuter stand


  3. the merry widow5/31/2006 1:05 PM

    See how upset I am! Computer notcomuter. Sheeeesh!


  4. Hey folks, it ain't much different than the "friggin" morons running our country!

  5. the merry widow5/31/2006 6:40 PM

    You talking eminent domain, Tazz?
    You're right, it's all going to pot and the sensible people are scratching thier heads! Turn Judge Steven's property into an inn, only safe if you grease the right palms, flatter the right candidate or just plain have more dollars than sense!


  6. Welcome, Taz. Longtime no see.
    In other words, it's liberalism running wild.

  7. MZ,

    the international community gives billions (or is it trillions?) of dollars to the PA annually. The phony refugee camps in Lebanon also enjoy international largess.

    How much money is being ponied-up for these new Jewish refugees?

  8. Damn, I just deleted my whole post, and I can't type very fast!

    MZ, I love your site and I read it regular, but I've been so busy lately,....and I'm supposed to be retired!

    I also read and post on some of our other friends' sites now and then,....we all know who they are.

    I've been very busy lately "makin" mad money,.....I'm taking a trip to see my son in Ar. on the 28th. June until 16th. July and I wanted to have a few xtra bucks,ha.

    Everybody wants concrete poured and finished this time of year and that's my bag......It gets in your blood, you know?

    In the hot months, I'm not going to be available,'s gonna be out by the pool.

  9. Hey MZ, I also spend time when I have it, on the MM blogsite, because this illegal alien BS is affecting all of us just like the pali bs is affecting Israel!

    Hey, I swear to G*d, there is a major conspiracy going on in the world,....laugh at me if you want, but that"s my opine.

  10. The whole world is a conspiracy against Americas' soverignty.

  11. Ok MZ, I have only one question for you. Why, after thousands of years of suffering and persecutions do some liberal Jews insist on bending over backwards for their enemies and allow themselves to be pushed around. You say self-loathing and I agree--but why?

  12. JB, the Jewish refugees from these expulsions are not receiving any foreign aid, and, in fact, have not received most or all of the moneys promissed them by Israel's leftwing government prior to their deportation.

    The Jewish citizens of the Territories are now public enemy number one because, well, because they are Jewish and for no other reason.

  13. Florian, the self-loathing is a Jewish syndrome of one who has adopted liberalism and despises the fact that by being born Jewish he is thought of always as an outsider, even among the liberals he adores. It's a lashing out at those who brought his Jewish life into this world with the dreaded stigma of being a Jew, and the misery that comes with not fitting in.

    It is the self-loathing Jews, therefore, that often makes the most fervent, visceral anti-Semites. They hate their lot, they hate the fact that they were given such a destiny to be lumped in with a people and a nation and a God that they hate, and want desperately to leave behind, but are doomed to be carrying the albatross of their Jewish ancestry until the day they die.

  14. the merry widow6/01/2006 8:10 AM

    Tazz- Yes, there is a conspiracy, and it runs deeper and farther than most admit. It's name is Evil, it's headed by Satan. He hates anyone who loves G*D and wants to obey HIM! The Jews are G*D's chosen people, so what better way to hurt HIM then by destroying the Jews and Christians and demolish the nations and institutions that honor HIM! But, I know a little secret, I have read the end of the Book, G*D wins! But until then, we suffer the consequences of original sin, all we can do is to stand firm, proclaim Truth, glorify G*D and be faithful!
    As I said in a previous thread, G*D hears the cry of HIS people and will answer out of Zion! Those that dispossess the innocent will fall and not be heard in the day of thier distress!
    Ps.11:3 pretty much sums up our situation, actually the whole Psalm states it, but verse 3 is right where we live!

    Good morning and G*D bless us with inner peace today!


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