Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Palestinian" pisses on Statue of Liberty

Isn't this special? The "Palestinian" vermin, who, thanks in large part to American pressure on Israel, have been offered a terrorist state of their own in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, plus a capital in East Jerusalem and possession of the Temple Mount, plus all of their gift wrapped territory ethnically cleansed of all the Jews, are showing America an expression of gratitude for their part in facilitating all these "good will gestures".

After all, those US-brokered, appeasement-driven, suicide-for-Israel concessions of "land for peace" policies that have been mindlessly advanced, plus the American tax-payer funded billions of dollars to the criminal Palevermin over the past 30 years or so, have clearly paid off. It's nice to know that the vermin really appreciate all that US support!

In response to this cartoon, which appeared in the May 25th issue of Al-Risala, a Palestinian weekly newspaper, we can surely expect either Israel or America to give an extra special concession that really, really will get the moslem filth to like us better. After all, we are always just one more generous capitulation away from true peace with the vermin, aren't we?

Oh, and what if we substituted mohammed the terrorist for the Statue of Liberty, and the Mad Zionist for the "Palestinian"?? WORKS FOR ME!



  1. This cartoon is sensible. The Palestinians have been put down by the Israelis and their American colony so long that an angry cartoon seems quite appropriate.

  2. Sensible! You are remarkable, Dana. Once, please, just once, find fault with the enemies of Israel.

  3. the merry widow6/01/2006 10:38 AM



  4. the merry widow6/01/2006 11:28 AM

    As another blogger puts it, paliswinians, rather appropriate for the way they trash themselves, others and the areas around them!


  5. Dana said, "This cartoon is sensible"

    I would like to do my best to make Leftist propaganda look bad, but I cant do any better than Dana can do to herself.


  6. Dana

    The cartoon should have intelligent people like me pissing on Marxist mental health defectives
    like yourself. How is Israel a land where dem Jooooos are indigenous become an American colony.

    No doubt your next intelligent response will be your first.

    What is the basis for this mythical Paleasinian etnicity ?

    Communists like yourself are not Jews or Americans . You are an apologist for a genocialdal ideaology of death and mayhem. MZ and I will take up a collection for an innertube Copertone and Perrier. You can wave to the Cubans
    as you depart and don't let the door smack your posterior as you go.

  7. Jews indigenous? You've been reading one too many bible fairy tails. Oh, and the only ones genocidal are the rightwing psychos like you who laugh every time an innocent Muslim is killed by money hungry neocons.

  8. Special Ed time for Commie's

    Where do Joooooooos come from ? Now the deranged stupid part will answer a sperm and egg cell and nine months of cellular division.

    Yes Joooos areindigenous to Israel this fact is backed by history and every known archeological study. Arabs are the colonialists and have tons of real estate.

    You reflexively call me a facist in typical commie fashion. However the true facists are left wing vermin like yourself. Moreover a traditional facist has less blood on their plate then a Commie stooge like yourself.

    I am firing up the Bull Dozer are you ready to Join Rachel Corrrie. Pancakes anyone . Her performance was flat. I shed no tears when commies die it makes the world a better place.

    Oh wait another anti semitic stereotype from Miss Commie PC . The greedy Jooooooooos er neocons.
    What is next the blood libel or Jews killed Jesus canard ?

    Dana you are a moron and stupid even by Commie low standards of intelligence. Were your parents related or doing drugs. Do you have any clue how stupid you are ? Are you too stupid to even realize you are stupid ?

  9. There seems to be an ailment for this problematic argument we are having with Dana: have her visit the "territories" and leave her to fend for herself. I'll put the number of minutes she'll last at not more than 5. Feel free to post your bets.

  10. This cartoon is about as sophisticated as those "people" get. Is it any wonder that they haven't contributed a thing to science, philosophy or art? Their entire manufactured history is bereft of achievement.

    Pissing and bombing are their only cultural contributions. No wonder a pissy, bomb-throwing leftist like Dana supports them.


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