Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Jews expelled from Hevron

Olmert has the IDF responding sharply to the massive rocket attacks from moslem Gaza into Sderot. Yes, he has decided the best way to teach the islamic vermin a lesson would be to temporarily halt all military responses against Gaza terror and expel a few Jews from Hevron!

Arutz Sheva News - Youth movement leaders were forcibly ejected from the Hevron Heroes outpost just outside Hevron in the middle of the night on the Sabbath. The army claims it was for the youths' own safety.

It occurred on Sabbath morning, 1:30 AM. IDF and police forces moved in to eject a group of youths from the HaGiborim ("The Heroes") outpost, located on the path connecting Hevron and Kiryat Arba. For the most part, the evictees, leaders in the Land of Israel Loyalists youth movement, did not oppose the authorities, out of respect for the Sabbath. Later that same night, however, some of the youth leaders returned to the outpost and spent the rest of the Sabbath there.

According to reports of local residents, soldiers who came to carry out the expulsion ended up tearing apart the tents that were set up at the outpost and loading the evictees' effects onto jeeps. These actions are violations of Shabbat strictures officially observed by the Israeli army.

An IDF spokesman said, "The youths arrived at the site with sleeping bags and wanted to sleep without coordination and in a place of danger due the lack of security. ...The forces asked them to leave the area and some did, in fact, leave. Whoever did not leave was 'made to leave'.

Now you've got the bad guys right where you want them, right Ehud? Just kick out those troublesome Jewish civilians; it's for their own good, after all. The fact of the matter is you'll teach those terrorist moslems who's boss if it means deporting every last Jewish man, woman and child from Judea if that's what it takes! Nice going, tough guy.

You must be so stressed and exausted from all this, Ehud. Why not reward yourself for taking such bold measures with a little pampering? A pedicure, a facial, and a nice, long bubble bath ought to do the trick. After all, you're worth it!




    Time for an Apartheid-style cut'n'run?

  2. Time for a new prime Minister, Browneye.

  3. Doesn't much matter, JB. Your little Apartheid colony is split as bad as Serbia back in 1913.

    The only thing they agree on is their support for Apartheid.

  4. wonder why we cannot post at your blog, brownie? are you done playing? lowlife. do you have any friends? bet your own mother hates your nasty arse!

  5. Brown, what is your solution for the moslem/Israeli conflict? Please tell me what you would do to fix things if you were the Israeli PM.

  6. don't bait him, madze - i lost count after the two hundredth spam he hit us with today. just know that he hates EVERYBODY including himself.

  7. The first and most obvious thing I'd do is recognize Palestine and the Palestinians' right to exist.

    Then I would abolish the military policy of murdering a high number of civilians in attacks like those of the past few days. I would also stop funding and arming Fatah.

    Third, I'd immediately demolish the wall. The policy of home demolitions would be dead, too.

    Fourth, I would free all Palestinian political prisoners, many of whom have been tortured and held without charge.

    And finally, I would begin working with the governments of Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine to retreat to the 1968 borders - something that has been and discussed at various times and in various places - the early 70s, 1980, and in 2002, I believe.

    From there, discussion over policies like Right to Return would develop, leading to a repartitioning/renaming of the region and the creation of one non-secular democratic state with Jersualem as its capital.

    But that's all fantasyland stuff, because we all know Apartheid Israel wouldn't do any such thing.

    Right here, right now my job is to defend the Palestinians against the massive propaganda campaign waged against them every day right here on the Plantation.

  8. John, Palestinian activism aside, what if the moslems are not so interested in the secular option you've described? Surely you would agree that the moslems are sincere about their desire to create an islamic state, so how would you go about advancing a plan for a secular State against their will? Indulge me.

  9. Nanc, he has been reinstated because he promised to not make crude and tasteless remarks anymore. Check the previous thread for proof. If he breaks his word I'll ban him again, I assure you.

  10. MZ

    He is history on my site.

    There is no such thing as a Palestinian. What constitutes this bogus ethnicity? The Jewish people are indigenous upon the land of Israel.

    As far as apartheid try looking at Jordan's demographics oooops no Joooooos, Christians fleeing . Brown is an advocate for Islamocommunism.

  11. Beak, he is a most curious case. I am oddly fascinated by his crazed, irrational thought process. If he can keep from going off on crude rants and maintain his civility I'd kind of like to see how his strange mind works. It's like a laboratory experiment.


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