Monday, June 12, 2006

Vermin in Gaza kill their young, blame the Jews

We knew this would be the case, didn't we? As the mainsteam media, and all liberals everwhere in the world, including the governments of England and France, went into orgasmic overdrive in rushing to condemn Israel for the deaths of 7 Arabs on a beach in Gaza, the truth was the exact opposite: the moslem filth murdered their own civilians and then blamed the "Zionists" so they could launch more terrorism against the Jews.

Here are some of the most irresponsible news reports to come from this disgusting story:

The Guardian: "A barrage of Israeli artillery shells rained down on a busy Gaza beach..."

The Independent: "Israeli naval gunboats killed at least seven Palestinian civilians and wounded about 40 others as they relaxed in the summer heat on a beach in northern Gaza yesterday."

The New York Times: Featured a giant color photo, that took up half the FRONT PAGE of the paper, which featured a crying moslem woman kneeling over a dismembered body over a caption that questioned whether the Israeli shells that killed her family was really an accident.

Just like the blood libel media stories of "Jewish massacres" against moslem civilians in Jenin was proven to be a complete fraud back in 2002, the story of Gaza 2006 has also proven to be total bullshit.

The truth:

Israel News Agency - An Israel Defense Forces intelligence officer has confirmed that the explosion that killed eight Palestinians on Friday, was caused by a stockpile of Hamas explosives.

"Shortly after we stopped defensive firing at Hamas rocket launch pads which were deployed behind Palestinian human shields, members of Hamas scrambled to fire more rockets at our positions," said Col. M. "We have eyes on every meter of Gaza, from the sky, from the ground and from the sea. One of their rocket tripods collapsed inadvertently setting off an explosion of a stockpile of Qassam rockets. The Palestinians killed their own children. And this was not the first time."

Hamas terrorists fired rockets and mortar bombs from a crowded Gaza beach at southern Israel. Some of the rockets fell near the Israel city of Ashkelon. Some 17 rockets were fired between Saturday and Sunday morning. A man at a school in the Israel town of Sderot was wounded, Israel officials said.

Israel Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant said today that the Israel Defense Forces has additional evidence that it wasn't Israel artillery that hit the beach in Gaza. Galant, who commands Israel's southern command, said Israel stopped firing 15 minutes before the explosion. It's all on secure videotape from both sides of the conflict. Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he was sorry about the deaths, which included three children.

Naturally, Israeli concessionist PM Ehud Olmert played the story up for the liberals looking for Jew blood on the international stage, immediately apologizing for the deaths and offering to stop all operations against the terrorists in Gaza who have been launching rockets into Israeli towns on a daily basis.

Even his leftist ass of a daughter, Dana Olmert, took to the streets in protest against Israel, marching outside the home of IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz, calling for him and others to be tried for "war crimes." She and her quisling fools also held signs calling Halutz and Defense Minister Peretz (himself a nauseating arab concessionist) "murderers."

The lesson from this? If Israel had expelled the terrorist moslems from Gaza to begin with, instead of the innocent Jewish civilians who hurt nobody, those 7 arabs would be alive today. Transfering the vermin out of The Land will save all lives, while leaving the vermin in Israel while Israel retreats only serves to get innocent people killed.

Expelling the moslems is the only way peace will ever come to The Land. Someday, God willing, the majority of the Jewish people will wake up to this fact and make it happen. For now, though, it looks like it will only get worse in Israel before it gets better.



  1. Propaganda is just as much a weapon as bombs and guns. A media outlet publishing a false story aiding the enemy in wartime should be closed and the management imprisoned until the end of the war.

  2. I think that would effectively close nearly all media outlets, wouldn't it Bob?


  3. There seems to be a pattern here obvious to all except Dana who is a moron. The media does point the finger at Israel without checking facts. The headlines about the fake Jenin massacre were all over the place. The pictures presented were made to resemble Grozny but were in actuality the same area shot from all directions.

    Get the commies out of the MSM. Do we allow pedophiles to work in daycare centers? Do we place bank robbers in jobs at banks? Commies like Dana should not be allowed any job that conveys information.

    Dana's response will contain six facist, two bigots and four stupidity references.

  4. the merry widowl6/12/2006 9:56 AM

    Good morning and G*D bless all!
    See, told ya', MadZ!


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  7. The Israelis need to just throw the scum Arabs out instead of withdrawing Jews. Someone explain what the hell is wrong with them! Great article, MZ!

  8. Fox News reported that more than 30 pipe bombs a day are tossed from Gaza into Israeli towns. I wonder how many rockets, grenades, bullets, etc. come with them.

    Has Olmert's cunt of a daughter ever protested this?

  9. JB,

    Notice Olmert's daughter's name is Dana? Coincidence? I think not.

  10. Thanks, Fed Up. I love that moniker of yours.

  11. No news here MZ. Any vermin who would gladly send their own children as suicide bombers and pretend that Israel did it have no reason to live. They truly hate life and will do anything to destroy it--even their own.

  12. MZ,

    are you saying that the self-loathing Dana we all know and laugh at is Olmert's daughter? Is her IP address from Israel?

    I didn't even know Olmert had a daughter until I read your article.

    If they are the same person, Israel's in more trouble than I thought.

    I honestly don't know how someone can hate themselves and their country as much as Dana does (assuming she's an Israeli.) How twisted do you have to be to reject the truth about the "Palestinians?" The ignorant masses have an excuse because they've been indoctrinated with Wog propaganda by the complicit left. Dana has none. She's read the truth at this site many times. She's stupid, but she's not so stupid that she thinks we've been lying to her. She recognizes the truth and still argues against it.

    Her love of Wogs is clearly based on her self-loathing hatred of Jews, because she never stands up for the Wogs who are murdered and mmistreated every day by other Wogs. She only cries about the fictional Jewish oppression of "Palestinians."

    Seriously, do you think they're the same person.

  13. I forgot a question mark for that last question. So, are the two scumbags actually the same scumbag?

  14. I can't tell, JB. She has kept herself anonymous by not signing up for blogger, so I don't have any way of tracking where she comes from. I know she's said in the past that she's spent a lot of time in Israel, so I certainly wouldn't be shocked. Says a lot for the pitiful Israeli PM that we think it could be, eh?

  15. The New York Times: Featured a giant color photo, that took up half the FRONT PAGE of the paper, which featured a crying moslem woman kneeling over a dismembered body over a caption that questioned whether the Israeli shells that killed her family was really an accident.

    Similar pieces appear on a regular basis in the Washington Post. The slant is very plain, but many WaPo readers take whatever that paper prints as the absolute truth. Of course, the WaPo is the newspaper of widest circulation in the D.C. area.

    I don't see the expulsion of Moslems from the Palestinian area coming any time soon. World opinion is shaped by the leftist media, which works other mayhem as well (as you know).

    BTW, I've seen next-to-nothing in the msm about the recent attacks on Israel. But I've seen plenty on Israel's "retaliation," often portrayed as unprovoked. Damn!

    I go to the blogosphere for the news.

  16. AOW,

    When a Jew is killed, it is reported as "gunmen retaliating for previous Israeli attacks that killed Palestinians". When a moslem is killed, the media explodes with the strongest possible condemnation against Israel's use of excessive force, followed by headline features telling of the troubled life, and tragic death, of the moslems who were killed by the Jewish oppressors.

    Sick, twisted and completely upside down. Keep getting your news from the blogoshpere, AOW, but keep reading the MSM. It's only good for a preview into the liberal agenda, of course, but that matters because they create the bogus news we must refute.

  17. Dana:

    are you Dana Olmert? I know that you'll just lie about it if you are but I have to ask.

    Well? Who's your daddy?

  18. Guys it is easy enough to track annonymous commenters. It is doubtful Dana is Dana Olmert. She sounds more like a reject from the New School for Communist subversion in NYC.

    Trolls give no clues about their lives and may post under multiple aliases. Do note that Communists claim Jewish identity to insulate themselves from anti semitism charges. A fake Israeli Israel Shamir turned out to be a Swedish Neo Nazi

  19. Sorry, but as much as I rspect all Dana Olmert stands for, I am not her - though we have met before. She is going to be a great leader someday, far more powerful in leading causes of equality than her father, who has come a long way to the left much to his credit, but still falls short of truly getting it.

  20. Dana:

    Like you, the other Dana will never amount to a hill of beans.

    Why does everything you write seem so scripted? Just how big a phony are you? Are you a paid troll or an amateur?

    Beaker has reminded us not to believe the cover stories that trolls use. The only reason you show up here is to post contrary leftist dogma. Everything you've written about yourself is probably a lie. I wouldn't be surprised if you chose "Dana" as an alias because you're a fan of Dana Olmert.

    How sick do you have to be to admire that cunt?

  21. Reconsider censoring me, Zionist. I like coming here because I appreciate your honest preference for ethnic cleansing. I promise to not mention, mock or even acknowledge The Vegetable unless you mock the dead first.

    Back to the topic at hand: it's pretty sad how gullible you people are.

    The invading Zionist army attacked children on a beach and then lied about it.

    Studpidly, you unconditionally trust it to investigate itself. We can no more trust it than we can trust Uncle Sam's GI Joe torturers to investigate Hadithah. It spouts nothing but propaganda and racist lies.

    Like the stupid, moranic fairy tale you've written, for example.

    But, because you deceive yourselves through White Supremacy, you believe it.

  22. Oh, HEAD COFFINS!!

    I meant "moronic", not "moranic."

    The irony is not lost.

  23. Reconsider censoring me, Zionist. I like coming here because I appreciate your honest preference for ethnic cleansing. I promise to not mention, mock or even acknowledge The Vegetable unless you mock the dead first.

    OK, John, we'll give it one more try. Please don't make me regret this decision.


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