Saturday, June 10, 2006

Kadima joins the Democrat Party

This comes as no shocker, but it's still good to see them get exposed like this. Folks, Kadima is in fact an official extention of the Democrat Party! Pitiful as this might sound, they've actually stolen the platform of the Texas Democrat Party and plagiarized it for themselves.

Check this out from Ynet News:

Kadima USA, the American branch of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's political party, featured on its official website policy summaries that match almost word-for-word detailed paragraphs on the same topics published on the Texas Democratic Party's website.

In many instances, the only differences between the Texas website and that of Kadima were the inclusion of the words "Kadima," "Jews" and "Israel" in the place of "Texas," "Democratic Party" and "America."

One Kadima USA representative would not comment on the organization's
website and its likeness to the Texas Democratic Party's site , but he warned WorldNetDaily against printing a story on the subject.

"You are making enemies with the wrong people," said Solomon Vas Diaz, executive director of Kadima USA.

"This is rank and file plagiarism. Kadima USA copies the policy platform, and I mean literally copies it, from the website of President George Bush's opponents in his hometown of Texas," said New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, D-Brooklyn, who first brought the website similarities to light.

Love the tough guy threat, "You're messing with the wrong people." How laughable. Meanwhile, the Liberals in America are so anxious to capitulate to someone evil they are ready to burst, so who better to advance their effeminate goals than the pathetic, sniveling Ehud Olmert?

The Dems running Israel? God help us all.



  1. Actually, this would be proof that the Democratic Party has serious flaws the other way: giving in to rightwing pressure. The Left in America must stop blindly supporting policies of persecution against the Palestinians that the Democrats have imlicitly enabled for years.

    The Democrats are far better about criticizing Israel and supporting the Palestinians than Republicans, but they still have a long way to go. Kadima should not be part of the Democratic Party's mission until they agree to end all occupation and give the Palestinians the Right of Return.

  2. Dana, you really are amusing. While I agree you are 100% better than the troll I've banned from this site, you are still one disturbed young lady. Please stop thinking those who commit terrorism are the victims and those who receive it are the villains; it just makes you look like a fool. I know you are sheltered by radical leftwing academicians, but doesn't common sense tell you I'm right?

  3. if common sense were part of her rational thought process, she'd see you are right, madze, but alas that will happen when pigs fly with wings they sprouted.

  4. Dana

    Were your parents related? Are you aware of how stupid you are?

    What is your respons going to be a paragraph with facist, bigot about six times. A genuine facist would still be a marked improvement over the Commie crapola you espouse.

  5. "Solomon Vas Diaz." Sounds like one very confused multy-culty individual. Maybe he'll jump the US border, float an inner-tube to israel and offer his services to the wogs.

    Nahh. He'll stay in Texas and cultivate the beaner vote to enrich himself and spread his filth in safety.

    Kadima shares its ideology with the American Democrat party. That explains everything. The Jewish expulsions in Judea and Samaria make sense now. So do the calls for immediate withdrawal from Iraq by the Democrat elite.

    I am so sick of these people.

  6. Liberal is as liberal does, JB.


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