Friday, June 09, 2006

Wretched vermin of Hamas mourn Zarqawi

The bloodthirsty National Socialists of Hamas are screaming for revenge after learning that the arch-terrorist Abu Zarqawi was killied by American forces in Iraq yesterday. You know, those same lovable people to whom Israel is conceding land, and expelling the Jews from to boot, as a grand "good will gesture"? Yes, so nice for the Jewish people that Olmert the Terrible has decided the centerpiece of his political mission as PM is to establish Zarqawistan in place of Jewish Judea, Samaria and Gaza. That's comforting.

(Arutz Sheva News) - An official Hamas announcement mourns the "murder" of Al-Zarqawi, the "jihad warrior" who "fell in the name of Allah." Gaza Arabs rallied and demanded revenge for the killing.

Hamas officials read aloud the official government declaration, which accused the Americans of effecting a "Crusader" killing of the Al-Qaeda leader on Islamic homeland territory.

In Khan Yunis, near what was once Gush Katif in southern Gaza, young PA Arabs demanded revenge for the killing of Al-Zarqawi. Holding aloft signs with his picture, they demanded terrorist attacks to promote the "justice" for which they claimed Al-Zarqawi fought.

The wretched vermin are marching on the same land in Gaza that had been occupied by Jews to honor Zarqawi and his mission to mass murder non-moslems. Yep, it's really going well that capitulation thing, Ehud. Nicely done, tough guy. Oops, was that another qassam rocket launched into Sderot? Ashkelon? Brilliant.



  1. they would mourn the passing of gas.

    madze - have you thought of getting a co-administrator to wipe the vermin off your map? i see the thorn in all our sides has reposted every comment you deleted from yesterday.

    warren has aow and me; aow has warren - we're watching each others' backsides - just a thought.

  2. Come on MZ... why ya so mad? ;-)
    These Israeli govt official come from the same line of idiots who perpetrated the Altalena and perfidity. These atheistic commies have been on the same path, since the founding of the state. We can see their hand through the entire thing. I can only hope that G-D stops them before it is too late. Perhaps it is a hardening of the heart, before all is revealed? Who knows.

    I once took a course in about weapons of mass destruction. The teacher was always stressing the term "destabilizing" vs "stabilizing" weapons. All decisions made by the superpowers were apparently geared towards stabilizing the region. I wonder what happened to that idea. Now it is more about making money, because almost every move today is destabilizing. Israel will surely march as quickly as she can towards her own self destruction. But she won't be allowed to succeed. These are ominous times indeed. Did you say drinks are on you in that last post?

    Shabbath Shalom

  3. Zionist:

    Who was worse, Sharon the fat drooling Vegetable or Zarqawi?

  4. Of course, this statement is probably a Mossad PsyOp. Much like the Iranian badge story, it reeks to high heaven and is probably a lie. No statement was made. Rather, an anonymous source mailed it to Reuters:

    "Hamas on Friday denied issuing a statement mourning the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al-Qaida's leader in Iraq, but hailed him as a symbol of resistance to occupation.

    "Reuters received a statement Thursday saying that Hamas mourned Zarqawi, killed in a strike north of Baghdad by U.S. warplanes on Wednesday.

    "Sami Abu-Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said Friday that "Hamas did not issue any statement in this regard."

    "He also said that Hamas "reiterates its supportive position to all liberation movements and foremost the Iraqi liberation movement, for which Zarqawi was one of the symbols in the face of the American occupation."

    "Hamas, an Islamic militant group, took over the Palestinian government in March after winning elections.

    "Hamas has in the past distanced itself from violence blamed on Al-Qaida, though it has used similar suicide tactics during the intifada.:

  5. LoBrow,

    Did you do all that hard-hitting investigative research IN YOUR ASS?

  6. Nope... got it reading the pro-Apartheid news.

    You should try it sometime. You may just learn something, SAMBO the CENSORMAN SLAVER.

  7. kahaneloyalist6/09/2006 5:59 PM

    Since Johnbrown is a troll who is just trying to be annoying I suggest everyone ignore his posts until MZ is able to remove them.

  8. religion of pieces6/09/2006 6:28 PM

    Do I detect a slight logical inconsistency in Islamic theology? Why should the Muslims want revenge on the Crusaders who martyred this most excellent role model for Muslim youth?

    The Crusaders have assured Zarqawi's free entrance into Allah's brothel in the sky, where he is being entertained by 72 virgins and 24 pretty boys (though perhaps not all at the same time - it could get very sweaty, especially in such a warm environment).

    So why the need for revenge? Shouldn't Zarqawi's brothers in Islam be grateful to the Crusaders for helping him along his spiritual path?

  9. Brown

    You are too stupid and low class to even be an effective troll.

  10. Zarqueeri murdered more muslims than he did Christians or atheists. He was a self-serving thug who died whimpering.

    Hamas only cares about murdering jews and other "infidels." They don't care about muslims, Arabs, "Palestinians" or any of the other vermin they claim to represent. They're thugs, pure and simple.

    Sound familiar, John Browneye? We all know you don't care about Blacks. All you care about is hating whitey.

    Our side will eventually wipe yours out. All we need to wipe you out is toilet paper.

    How is the AIDS? Does it hurt?

  11. Brown: I sweaw...if the elders of Zion ever get their hands on you they'll cut you to pieces and drink your commie blood. HAHAHAHAHA:)

  12. correction: I swea(r): if the Elders of Zion ever get their hands on your pathetic dirty brown commie ass they'll cut off your fingers so that you're prevented from continuous utterances of utter stupidity.

  13. the merry widow6/10/2006 8:35 PM

    Greg-The fingers at least, the tongue and maybe a complete brainectomy, after all he's never used it!


  14. tmw: let 'em have him whole!

  15. the merry widow6/11/2006 7:09 AM

    Greg- Aw, come on, bits and pieces are sooooo much more fun!
    Actually, I wish his mommy had taught him better guest habits, I guess she was so leftista herself that she never disciplined him for his behavior. Along the lines of, "Spanking a child is child abuse and I don't want him to not be my friend!" =P
    Good morning and G*D bless all here!


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  17. Will the author of the comedy classic about genocide in New Orleans take a bow. After that drivel you should not show your face in public or call anyone else ignorant.

    I heard the three suicides in Gitmo were caused by reading your blog.


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