Thursday, June 22, 2006

Olmert apologizes YET AGAIN

This is beginning to seem like the movie "Groundhog Day". I wake up and see Ehud Olmert groveling to some vile Eurabian leader about how terribly sorry he is that some moslems may have been inadvertantly killed by the IDF during a mission to stop terrorist attacks against Jewish civilians; another dozen rockets then get launched into Sderot; Peres tells the Jews there to stop being "cry babies" about the barrage of "Qassam Shmassam" rockets that fell on their schools and houses, and suggests they just go "eat cake" for good measure; I go to bed, wake up, and there it goes again...

Oh, wait, I almost forgot to mention yet another of Olmert's daily pleas that "Israel must continue to make deeper and more painful concessions" and "good will gestures" to the same vermin who are attacking Israel with rockets!

Here's today's obligatory groveling session from Neville Olmert to King Abdullah of Palestine (Jordan):

Ynet News - "I want to take this opportunity and say that I am sorry for the grave accidents in which innocent Palestinians were killed. This is not Israel's policy, but malfunctions," he said.

"The situation with the Palestinians necessitates serious concessions. We need to change the situation with them, we need to make a painful compromise," Olmert said.

Olmert told reporters of his intention to meet Abbas within weeks: "We decided to meet within weeks. We will talk. It's not me, it is the Quartet and the international community who set the conditions for talks: recognizing Israel, rejecting terror, and respecting agreements signed with the Palestinian Authority since 1993. If the conditions are fulfilled, we can hold serious negotiations."

Catch that? "IT'S NOT ME SETTING THE CONDITIONS TO RECOGNIZE ISRAEL, REJECT TERROR, RESPECT AGREEMENTS, ETC, IT'S THE QUARTET OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY!" Oh, so if the US and Europe weren't forcing your limp wristed hand, Ehud, you'd be willing to just ignore those unimportant little particulars and give the vermin the key to Jerusalem, is that it? What a pathetic, sniveling little weakling this guy is!

Want more? Here's another sample of Olmert's groveling du jour:

Regarding IDF military responses in Gaza that included an estimated 14 caualties, Olmert said: "It is against our policy and I am very, very sorry," he said. "I think that Abu Mazen is a genuine person and he comes here with good intentions," Olmert said after meeting Abbas, using the Palestinian leader's nickname.

OK, the moslems target as many Jewish civilians as they can possibly hit in Sderot, declare WAR against Sderot and vow more attacks, and Olmert just apologizes for using force against the vermin launching missiles into Israel that resulted in accidental arab deaths? They should be apologizing to Israel! Olmert should be blaming the deaths on the vermin who are forcing IDF responses! The blame should go to Abbas and Hamas, who caused this mess in the first place!

Let us not forget, either, that if the Jews hadn't been expelled from Gaza none of this would have happened and those Arabs would still be alive today.

Abbas is complicit with the terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians every bit as much Arafat ever was. HIS organization declared open war against Israel yesterday, yet, Neville Olmert just kisses Abbas's stinky ass anyways. PATHETIC! Olmert, you are getting worse by the day, and have disgraced the Jewish people by groveling at the feat of the enemy. He should be removed from office at once for this treachery.


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